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NYC City Councilman Yusef Salaam Pulled Over By NYPD While On Call About Police Stops

The new councilman said the officer did not give him an explanation on why he was pulled over in Harlem.

This Week In Good Black News: Philly Elects First Black Woman Mayor, Damar Hamlin Gives Back, and John Legend and Chrissy Teigen Officially Have the Cutest Baby

Plus, it's Veteran's Day and we pay homage to African Americans who once served our nation both here and abroad.

Exonerated Central Park Five Member Yusef Salaam Elected To NYC City Council In Full Circle Moment

Once jailed with four other teens for a crime he did not commit, he will now represent Harlem as part of the city’s lawmaking body.

Exonerated 5’s Yusef Salaam Is 'Disturbed By Anyone Who Looks Like Me' Supporting Trump

He demanded death for the Central Park Five in 1989.

"We Survived This": Exonerated 5 Members Discuss Channeling Anger, Living Without Regret And Inspiring Future Generations

An intimate conversation with members of the Exonerated 5.
Central Park Five, New York - Kevin Richardson, Yusef Salaam, Antron McCray, Raymond Santana and Korey Wise were all convicted of the rape of a 28-year-old Central Park jogger in 1989. In 2002, Matias Reyes confessed that he alone was responsible for the attack and the five men were released on December 19, 2002, in this highly publicized case. (Photo: Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

For Yusef Salaam of the Central Park Five, Justice Involves More Than Money

Officers should be held accountable, Yusef Salaam says.
Central Park Five Sues New York for Additional $52 Million - The Central Park Five might have a few projects lined up to share their story and have a plan to give back to the community. The men are suing the state for an additional $52 million, the NY Daily News reported. Two of the men, Raymond Santana and Yusef Salaam, are hoping to open an advocacy center aimed at educating youth in Harlem on their rights, while also offering resources to recently released convicts. The money, should they win, would service projects like these.  (Photo: D Dipasupil/Getty Images)

Central Park Five Reach a $40 Million Settlement With New York City

The five men were teenagers when convicted in 1989.
One of the Central Park Five Continues to Speak Out

One of the Central Park Five Hails de Blasio’s Call

Yusef Salaam says the city needs to end the case.
One of the Central Park Five Continues to Speak Out

One of the Central Park Five Reflects on His Indescribable Odyssey

Yusef Salaam is now a sought-after speaker.