Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

Director Nazenet Habtezghi is behind the documentary "Birthing a Nation: The Resistance of Mary Gaffney."

Director’s Cut: Nazenet Habtezghi Unravels the Untold Story of an Enslaved Black Woman’s Bold Decision To Control Her Own Destiny

The filmmaker of “Birthing A Nation: The Resistance of Mary Gaffney” talks about how diving into this slice of history revealed the ultimate act of defiance during the terror of slavery.

UN Says Countries Should Consider Reparations To Transatlantic Slavery Descendants

An estimated 25 million to 30 million people were forcibly removed from Africa for more than 400 years during the slave trade

Caribbean Nations To Formally Demand Reparations From Royal Family

King Charles has expressed ‘personal sorrow’ for slavery but hasn’t apologized.

Rhode Island Stained Glass Window Depicting A Brown-Skinned Christ Raises Questions About Race

Created over 150 years ago, the window is believed to be one of the oldest depictions of Christ as a person of color in the country.

As King Charles’ Coronation Approaches, Links Emerge To Ancestor Who Enslaved Black People

Newly unearthed documents show that the British monarch has an ancestor who once enslaved Africans on a tobacco plantation.

King Charles Supports Investigation Into British Monarchy’s Ties To Slavery

A newly discovered document shows a connection to the slave trade.

King Charles On Slave Trade: Britian’s Role ‘Should Not Be Hidden’

The King met with artists in Leeds who took part in the Worlds Re-imagined Globes project which explains his nationa’s role in slavery.

Church Of England Appoints Racial Justice Director After Apologizing For Role In Transatlantic Slave Trade

Archbishop Justin Welby recently acknowledged that the church ‘actively supported and profited’ from slavery.

Columbia University To Acknowledge Historic Ties To Slave Trade With Campus Markers

The Ivy League school is just one of many universities that benefited from the slave economy.