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Young Thug's Lawyer Arrested After Refusing to Give Up His Source

The judge in the case probed attorney Brian Steel on details he had about a secret meeting, leading Steel to remain hush-mouthed and then handcuffed.

Internet Issues Cause Another Delay In YSL Trial

The trial was postponed until Friday, May 31.

Chance the Rapper's Birthday Wish Is For Young Thug To Be Released From Jail

The Chicago native expressed his frustration with the way the YSL trial has been handled.

Witness In Young Thug YSL Trial Refuses To Answer Questions On Stand

D'Angelo White claimed the prosecution wanted him to "tell on somebody I don't know."

Investigator Allegedly Sexual Harrassed Witness In Young Thug’s YSL Trial

Rasheed Hamilton is accused of using his position to harass and intimidate a witness in the case via text messages.

Young Thug’s YSL RICO Trial Could Continue Until 2027

Defense attorneys have requested that the number of witnesses be reduced to accelerate the trial.

Gunna Teases New Music With Offset

The collaboration would be the YSL rapper’s first since being released from jail in December 2022.

RICO Trial Drama: Young Thug's Parking Ticket Negotiation Caught on Tape Amidst Criminal Enterprise Accusations

The Atlanta rapper is on trial after being accused of being the co-founder and leader of Young Slime Life, which prosecutors claim is a criminal enterprise.

Young Thug Identified As the Alleged Gunman On 911 Call During YSL RICO Trial

The Atlanta rapper was ID'd by an unidentified woman in the 2013 incident.

Young Thug YSL Trial: Trontavious Stephens Testifies About 'Gangster Image'

After accepting a plea deal, Stephens testified that YSL is a criminal organization.

Young Thug Trial: Delay Declared After YSL Defendant Reportedly Stabbed In Jail

The Atlanta rapper’s trial is in its third week.