Tennessee Politician Admits On Camera That He Called His Neighbor The N-Word

The NAACP is calling for him to be removed.

Former Tesla Employee Who Said Supervisors Called Him The N-Word Wins $1 Million In Lawsuit

Melvin Berry also said he was forced to work longer hours.

Racist Fan Hurls N-Word at Miami Marlins’ Lewis Brinson During Baseball Game

The slur was heard during a broadcast of the game.

Black Capitol Police Officer Remembers Being Called N-Word During Jan. 6 Insurrection

Harry Dunn gives an emotional, powerful testimony.

Ben Crump, Members Of The Norman High School Basketball Team Speak Out Following Announcer’s Racist Rant

“Racism has no place in this world.”

Black Transgender Comedian Flame Monroe On White Comedians Using The N-Word: 'It Depends On The Context'

The standup says it would be "hypocritical" to be offended.

Arizona Football Players Called The N-Word By White Woman At Whataburger

They claim a manager threatened to call the police on them.

Why Does Piers Morgan Think He Can Tell Us Who Can And Can't Use The "N Word"?

White privilege is a helluva drug.

Teacher Tells Black Girl 'At Least She Didn’t Call You A Dumb Black N****r' During Conversation About Bullying

Her parents say the incident was not properly handled.

Sage Steele Said Black People Shouldn't Use the N-Word and Was Immediately Dragged

The ESPN host shouldn't bother talking about race at all.