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Op-Ed: Admitting Privilege is Hard, But There is Something Even Harder

Why we must hold Kyle Korver accountable.

Self-Proclaimed 'Skinny Bitches' Use Native Kenyans As Props In Bizarre Workout Video

The Skinny Bitch Collective is apologizing.

NBC’s Savannah Guthrie Slammed For Interviewing MAGA Hat Kid Nicholas Sandmann

The host was criticized for giving the student a platform.

NFL Called Out For White Privilege After Chad Kelly Was Only Now Cut After Getting Arrested

"Yet Kap can’t get a job..."

White Man Pleads Guilty To Strangling A Woman And Masturbating On Her But Still Gets No Jail Time

Justin Schneider never offered an apology to the victim.

Black Reporter Says She Was Suspended From Job For Sharing An Article On White Women’s Privilege

Lisa Benson is suing KSHB-TV for racial discrimination.

Nia Wilson's Murder Has Anne Hathaway And Others Calling Out White Privilege And White Silence

She says white people don't face the same terror.

Philly’s Mayor Dissed Trump, Called Out His Own Privilege, And Said Players Have A Right To Kneel

He also called out his own white privilege in the process.

Video Of White Woman Telling Cops 'Shut The F**k Up' Is The Perfect Example Of White Privilege

"A Black man would have been wrestled to the ground."

Black Mom Upset With PTA Over White Privilege Handout Sparks Racist Reaction On Twitter

People are using her story to defend white nationalism.

Outrage After White 'Affluenza Teen' Who Killed 4 People Drunk Driving Is Released After 2 Years

Ethan Couch blamed his family's wealth for his wrongdoing.