interracial marriage

Biden Signs Landmark Respect For Marriage Act To Protect Same-Sex, Interracial Marriage

Everyone should have the right to decide whom to marry ‘without government interference,’ the president says.

Photo Of Black Principal Kissing White Wife Ordered Off Social Media

He cites “hate” and “racism” as the reason.

Jodie Turner-Smith Speaks Out About Hate She Received For Being In An Interracial Marriage

The ‘Queen & Slim’ actress is also reportedly pregnant.

Tamron Hall Addresses Criticism Of Her Interracial Marriage, Says 'Black Men Did Not Fail' Her

She’s set to talk about the subject from all angles.

Robert Griffin III Is Getting Dragged For Marrying Another White Woman

"Get out 2 coming soon."

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner: A White Mom’s Advice for Accepting Your Daughter's Black Boyfriend

What do you think of what Gaye Clark has to say?

John McCain's Son Has the Absolute Best Clapback for Old Navy's Haters

Ad featuring interracial couple drew anger from racists.

Here's Why 'White People Meet' Founder Says He's No Racist

It's the dumbest reason ever.

Derek Luke Blasts Instagram Trolls Hating on His Interracial Marriage

Empire star can't stay silent when it comes to his wife.

W. Kamau Bell Accused of Panhandling From White Wife

Bay Area's Elmwood Cafe tells comedian to "scram."

Black Lawmakers Against Recognition of Va. Tribe

Group criticizes tribe's banning intermarriage with Blacks.