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Isaac Hayes III, Fanbase Founder and CEO, headshot.

This App Makes Sure Black Creators Are Getting Paid What They Deserve

Their top users are not celebrities, they are everyday people earning $1.5-2k a month from their content.
Contraception Coverage by Insurance Companies Now Mandatory - New standards require health insurance companies to cover government-approved contraception for women.(Photo: Kelsey Snell/MCT)

Planned Parenthood Wants You to Access Birth Control Online

Getting contraception is as easy as clicking a mouse.
father and son reading book

Looking for Children's Books With Black Characters? There's an App for That

We Read Too spotlights more than 300 titles.

Georgia Teens Create App to Rate Local Police

Five-O lets users rate cops by professionalism and courtesy.

White Duo Creates App to Avoid 'Sketchy' Neighborhoods, Receives Backlash

SketchFactor has been deemed racist by some online critics.
What Are We Bringing to the Table? - Other nations hold summits with African leaders, Rhodes acknowledged. "We very much wanted this summit to be focused on the distinct and U.S.-African partnership. And what we believe is unique about the American contribution is our focus on African capacity-building and integrating Africa into the global economy and security order." And according to Obama, "Africa also happens to be one of the continents where America is most popular and people feel a real affinity for our way of life. He also said that America's relationship with Africa includes not just traditional aid but also "partnering and thinking about how we can trade more and how we can do business together... [which] is the kind of relationship that Africa is looking for." (Photo: REUTERS/Antony Njuguna)

Facebook's Project Launches in Zambia

The mobile app provides access to free Internet services.

Former NASA Employee Releases New Emoji App to Fill Diversity Gap

A wide range of over 900 emoticons are available.
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Bipolar? There Could Soon Be an App for That

Voice analysis gives an early warning about mood changes.

UK Doctor Uses Smartphone to Prevent Blindness Abroad

The app Peek acts as a pocket-size optician.