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Family Of Texas High School Shooting Suspect Timothy Simpkins Says He Was Routinely Bullied

The gun was bought for protection, his family says.

'Thoughts And Prayers' Not Enough, So Bulletproof Backpacks And Hoodies Are Among The Sold-Out Back-To-School Items This Year

Sadly, buying bulletproof school supplies is the new norm.

Trump Slammed for Tweeting After Another Horrific High School Shooting Left Multiple Students Dead

"Maybe it's time you stop ignoring the issues."

Black Parkland Students Say School Shut Down Black Lives Matter Speech Weeks Before The Shooting

They demand the media listen to their concerns.

Parkland Survivors Call Out Reporters for Ignoring Black Kids Protesting Gun Violence

"I don’t think the media would cover it the same."

Teacher Accidentally Fires Weapon During Gun Safety Lesson And Injures Three Students

“Adding more guns to classrooms is dangerous lunacy.”

Black Students Unite For #NationalWalkoutDay Even Though Their Past Calls For Reform Were Ignored

Even though their past calls for reform were ignored.

Heartwarming Video Of Dwyane Wade Surprising Stoneman Douglas High Students

"I’m proud to say I’m from this state because of you guys."

In Trump’s America, White Activists Get A Seat At The Table And Are Allowed To March For Their Lives

Will this support extend to Black Lives Matter?

Here Are The Companies Severing Ties With The NRA After The Parkland School Shooting

The NRA was slammed for their nasty response to the boycott.

Shooter Nikolas Cruz Once Held A Gun To His Brother's Head, Who He Was Pictured With Holding His Mother's Ashes

The suspect threatened Zachary before their mother died.