Rep. Ilhan Omar Plays Violently Threatening Voicemail, Says GOP Islamophobia Is Creating Hatred and Division

Rep. Ilhan Omar Plays Extremely Disturbing Voicemail In Midst of Attack From GOP Colleague

Jess Hilarious Issues Tearful Instagram Apology After Being Called Islamophobic: 'Bear With Me, I'm Still Learning'

She allegedly wanted four Sikh men removed from a flight.

Democrats Pass All-Encompassing Anti-Hate Resolution Amid GOP’s ‘Selective Outrage’ At Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Israel Comments

The motion was passed amid the Ilhan Omar's Israel comments.

People Remember The Time John McCain Shut Down Racist Questions About Obama During 2008 Election

And why some feel his response was just as problematic.

Muslim Woman Says TSA Forced Her To Show Her Bloody Pad During Private Body Search

Zainab Merchant filed a complaint against the DHS.

White Sisters Behind "Girl With No Job" IG Account Have Morning Show Canceled After Racists Tweets Resurface

It was also revealed their mother is an Islamophobe.

White Woman Gets Fired After Video of Her Yelling 'We're Gonna Kill Every One Of You F**king Muslims' Goes Viral

Amber Hensley has since apologized to the Somali women.

Man Who Followed Black Muslim Couple and Yelled 'Go Back to Your Country' Cried When Charged With Hate Crime

Frederick Nolan Sorrell invited the victims to a "sit down."

Muslim Teen Nabra Hassanen Brutally Beaten to Death and Police Aren't Calling It a Hate Crime

Darwin Martinez Torres has been arrested and charged.

White Man Recorded Calling Muslim Teens 'Camel-Jacking Motherf**king C***s' in Mexican Restaurant

People are outraged no one stood up for the girls.

White Supremacist Suspect Ii Deadly Portland Stabbing Yells 'You Call It Terrorism, I Call It Patriotism' in Court

Jeremy Christian called for death to "enemies of America."