Jamaican-born actress, singer and model Grace Jones as May Day in the James Bond film 'A View To A Kill', 1984. (Photo by Keith Hamshere/Getty Images)

Grace Jones

Grace Jones is one of the most eccentric, influential and fiercest divas the entertainment industry has ever seen. Known for her signature androgynous look, striking facial features, killer costumes, high-angled hair, mean, lean body and robotic and animalistic poses, the Jamaican-born star singlehandedly changed the face of the modeling world. Even more cherished than her bizarre yet intriguing role in fashion is her long-lasting music career, which spanned more than 30 years. The Grammy-nominated club queen is responsible for numerous dance hits of the '70s and '80s and has influenced everyone from Rihanna to Lady Gaga. The raunchy supermodel is also known for her work as an actress, adding her rebellious flare to films like A View to a Kill, Vamp and Boomerang.