Andi Still Has No Sense When It Comes to Gary

In the second episode of season 6 of 'Tyler Perry's Sistas,' Andi is getting better at fighting Gary’s seduction, but she still has a lot of work to do.

We start episode two with Andi driving drunk Danni home after the spectacle she created at the bar. It feels like old times and seems things are genuinely good between them. However, we eventually get to the real talk when Andi tells Danni that she will leave Gary alone, for real, this time. We all know even God doesn’t believe that. But we will see.

Danni gets home only to find Jonah. Remember him? He’s the one who beat her up after she crushed his ego, so then ran his butt over? Yeah, him. He’s healed up and has a score to settle. He found his way inside her apartment with evil intentions. They get into a brawl and it looks like one has to kill the other for this to end. Danni fights fiercely but ends up on the losing end until Preston shows up. Thankfully for Danni, Preston wants to talk to her about their unresolved issues, so he knocks Jonah out and keeps Danni from killing him.

Eventually, the police show up and Danni tells them she has a restraining order against him. The police say they’ll be in touch, which isn’t quite the bastion of safety one would hope for after being attacked. But thankfully, Preston stays the night. Danni tries to get him to leave but he does the right thing and it’s quite obvious that he probably won’t be getting married. They’re both still in love, but Danni is stubbornly committed to self-sabotaging.

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Next up, Andi finally gets home after a long night and walks in on Gary, laid in bed naked, covered in rose petals. He looks good and all, but we’re tired of him. Will Andi do what she said she’d do? Because he’s talking about how he’s been a bad boy and wants to be punished, and you already know his sexiness has Andi in a chokehold. Anyway, Andi cuts the seduction tactics short and tells him she’s tired of his games and tired of him trying to control her, especially with the whole trying to take over her job thing. She asks him to leave and he insists that he stays the night at her place. He’s still trying to get it poppin'. We all know that Andi should make him leave and finally cut him off, but she sends him to the guest room instead. She didn’t do what needed to be done, but at least she resisted…kind of.

We also find out later that Gary is still being sneaky. Because he calls Aidan and expresses that he’s shocked that Andi knew about him trying to take over the company she works for. Mind you, he’s bold enough to make this call WHILE STILL IN ANDI’S APARTMENT!

Later, Calvin stops by Sabrina’s place and tells her about the recent incident between Q and Maurice. Sabrina is freaked out mainly because Q is in the hospital. And then Maurice shows up acting like he has no care in the world. She gives him the third degree, which could get Maurice in more trouble. They’re on bail for now but still not out of the woods. They want their jobs back, but the bank plans to fully investigate. Meanwhile, Maurice swears he will get Q to tell authorities the truth so they can finally walk away from this. Maurice’s judgment is questionable, so Sabrina and Calvin are right to be still concerned.

In other news, Zatima is happier since this timeline is taking place before the events of the last season of the spinoff. Zac makes Fatima breakfast before she heads to work, and he tells her he will make arrangements to be formally introduced to his son. He asks if Fatima wants to join him when it happens, and she agrees. So…how did all this good communication eventually fall apart?

At Danni’s place, Preston informs her that Jonah made bail, which probably means he’s connected and offers to stay with her for a while. Danni resists at first but eventually agrees to let him stay. Again, Preston ain’t getting married.

Fast forward to a sneaky call between Tamara and Fatima where the former reveals to Fatima that Aidan is falling for her and wants to get her a job at the firm. Fatima says this can’t go down like that. Then Tamara starts asking for money but Fatima reminds her that her cousin, the Madam, should have already taken care of whatever deal they made and that she shouldn’t be asking for extras. Tamara pretends it’s all good, but it becomes clear that she’s also sneaking and plans to cause problems.

The episode winds down without us knowing what’s up with Karen. We last saw her passed out in the fire in the middle of her shop. Pam pulls up to the shop and notices what went down and we leave it at that.

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