The HBCU 104 List: Best Schools to Attend in the Dirty South

Top historically Black colleges and universities to attend in the Southeast

Choosing an HBCU to attend is a big deal. Huge, actually. But before you start the process of filling out applications and writing essays, you've got to get down to the nitty-gritty, like picking a major and what school colors you'll look great in.

So, what can help you narrow down your selections?


Do you want to spend semesters near a beach or close to a bustling city? Would you rather stay in-state or get your education much farther from home?

From St. Louis to ATL to Philly, The HBCU 104 List highlights the best Historically Black Colleges and Universities to attend in the North, East, Southwest, and Midwest. This list will help you identify HBCUs near and far.

Let's dive into where you might want to enroll in the Southeast.

  • Alabama A&M University

    Alabama A&M University

    Location (City, State): Normal, Alabama

    Student Enrollment: 11,938 (Fall 2021)

    Alabama A&M University (AAMU) was founded by a former slave, Dr. William Hooper Councill. It is one of the largest HBCUs in the state of Alabama. Alabama A&M University is known for excellence in agriculture, engineering (especially electrical and mechanical), and STEM education. AMU ranks in the top 3 of HBCUs in the nation for STEM production. The university's agricultural research and outreach programs benefit communities, while its engineering programs offer practical experience opportunities. Alabama A&M University offers 60+ programs with an international faculty, 50+ student organizations, and a prominent alumni network of change-makers in various fields.

  • Alabama State University

    Alabama State University

    Location (City, State): Montgomery, Alabama

    Student Enrollment: 7,928 (Fall 2021)

    Alabama State University's 153-year history reflects perseverance, progress, and promise. Initially founded to provide education for black Alabamians, ASU has evolved into a thriving community and culture. The university boasts a lively student community, including fraternities and sororities. ASU's commitment to student engagement, community building, and leadership development is central to its mission. Located in downtown Montgomery, ASU offers students access to the city's vibrant business district, entertainment venues, art galleries, archives, museums, and historical sites.

  • Bishop State Community College

    Bishop State Community College

    Location (City, State): Mobile, Alabama

    Student Enrollment: 2,176 (Fall 2022)

    Founded in 1927, Bishop State Community College (BSCC) is one of Alabama's oldest community colleges. It offers dual enrollment programs for high school students to earn college credits, features small class sizes, and has expanded its online course offerings for accessibility. BSCC is known for its strong focus on career readiness and boasts a high job placement rate, especially in vocational and technical fields. Notably, the college excels in its Aviation Maintenance Technology program and provides comprehensive healthcare education programs to meet regional demand. These strengths underscore BSCC's commitment to education, workforce development, and accessibility.

  • Gadsden State Community College

    Gadsden State Community College

    Location (City, State): Gadsden, Alabama

    Student Enrollment: 8,616 (Fall 2022)

    Gadsden State Community College originated from the merger of several institutions, including the historic Alabama Technical College, founded in 1925 as the first state-operated trade school in the southern U.S. This campus now houses Gadsden State's technical programs, the One Stop Center, the Joe Ford Center, and the Alabama Technology Network. Additionally, Gadsden State offers a diverse range of student clubs and organizations across its five campuses.

  • H. Councill Trenholm State Community College

    H. Councill Trenholm State Community College

    Location (City, State): Montgomery, Alabama

    Student Enrollment: 3,692 (Fall 2022)

    H. Councill Trenholm State Community College, situated in Montgomery, Alabama, is a comprehensive two-year community college. It offers associate transfer degrees, as well as associate degrees and certificates for workforce readiness. Beyond traditional education, the college provides opportunities for adult learning, personal development, and supports economic growth in central Alabama. Trenholm State boasts a wide array of student organizations, including fraternities and sororities, that enhances the campus experience.

  • J. F. Drake State Community and Technical College

    J. F. Drake State Community and Technical College

    Location (City, State): Huntsville, Alabama

    Student Enrollment: 1,744 (Fall 2022)

    J.F. Drake State Community and Technical College stands out for its affordability, offering lower tuition rates compared to four-year universities, making education accessible. The college provides a diverse range of technical and vocational programs, emphasizing practical, hands-on training for quick entry into the workforce. Its diverse student body enriches the cultural and social experience. The college's strategic location appeals to those wanting to stay close to home or seeking specific geographic advantages for personal or career reasons. Additionally, J. F. Drake State actively engages with the local community through outreach, partnerships with local businesses, and workforce development initiatives.

  • Lawson State Community College

    Lawson State Community College

    Location (City, State): Birmingham, Alabama

    Student Enrollment: 6,188 (Fall 2022)

    Lawson State Community College focuses on affordable, accessible, and quality education to boost student success and economic growth in diverse communities. Through innovative teaching, it readies students for transfers, gainful employment, and career advancement. The college also fosters student development through engaging activities that promote education awareness, social growth, leadership, wellness, diversity, financial literacy, and community service.

  • Miles College

    Miles College

    Location (City, State): Birmingham, Alabama

    Student Enrollment: 3,040

    Miles College, a respected Historically Black College with Christian Methodist Episcopal Church ties, emphasizes the development of intellectually and civically empowered students through dedicated faculty. The college is committed to community service, reflecting the tradition of HBCUs, and its alumni network offers valuable career connections.

    Situated in Fairfield, Alabama, Miles College provides a unique college experience in the vibrant Birmingham metropolitan area. Notably, their dynamic band has entertained audiences for decades. Miles College students have the opportunity to engage internationally, like participating in the Kakehashi Project in Japan.

  • Oakwood University

    Oakwood University

    Location (City, State): Huntsville, Alabama

    Student Enrollment: 2,904

    Oakwood University, a historically significant Seventh-day Adventist institution founded in 1896, offers students a rich historical and culturally significant environment. The university's mission revolves around biblically-based education for service to God and humanity, with values such as respect, compassion, integrity, and service at its core. Students enjoy a holistic college experience, engaging in clubs, organizations, and sports teams. The university's strong commitment to community service and social justice initiatives provides opportunities for students to create a positive impact. Situated in Huntsville, Alabama, known for its aerospace and technology industries, Oakwood University's location is attractive to students aspiring to careers in these fields.

  • Shelton State Community College

    Shelton State Community College

    Location (City, State): Tuscaloosa, AL

    Student Enrollment: 9,318 (Fall 2022)

    Shelton State offers a range of academic programs that cater to different interests and career goals. Whether someone is looking to pursue a two-year degree, vocational training, or transfer to a four-year institution. Shelton State offers flexible class schedules, including evening and online courses, to accommodate students who have work or family commitments. Shelton State often collaborates with local industries and employers to offer programs that directly address the needs of the job market.

  • Stillman College

    Stillman College

    Location (City, State): Tuscaloosa, Alabama

    Student Enrollment: 1,456 (Fall 2021)

    Stillman College is celebrated for its outstanding academic programs, modern facilities, and small class sizes. The college excels in biological sciences, business administration, and teacher education, complemented by the esteemed Harte Honors College and pre-professional tracks in law and medicine. The college offers a rigorous curriculum within a climate of academic freedom, preparing graduates for careers, advanced studies, and global citizenship. Stillman emphasizes shared governance, fiscal responsibility, and innovative administration. Its students, The “Stillman Man” and The “Stillman Woman”, tackle academic challenges with confidence and character, while the college fosters an intellectually stimulating environment, nurturing spiritual, ethical, and moral development, a love for the arts, global awareness, and a commitment to the common good. This unique "sense of place" combines a private college's purpose with a historic mission, delivering an environment dedicated to intellectual excellence, personal honor, and societal betterment.

  • Talladega College

    Talladega College

    Location (City, State): Talladega, Alabama

    Student Enrollment: 2,406

    Talladega College was founded in 1867 by two former slaves, William Savery and Thomas Tarrant. Talladega College is one of the oldest HBCUs in the United States. It was established shortly after the Civil War to provide education for freed slaves. Talladega College, Alabama's first private historically black liberal arts college, has excelled academically for over 150 years. It consistently earns recognition, including listings in the Princeton Review's Best Colleges in the Southeast and US News & World Report's best national liberal arts colleges, HBCUs, and Top Performers on Social Mobility. Kiplinger's ranked Talladega College as the nation's second-best college for "low average graduating debt" in 2019. The campus blends historic and modern facilities, enriching the college experience, which includes a diverse range of sports. Nestled in a tranquil plateau 700 feet above sea level, it offers a peaceful academic environment close to neighboring cities teeming with cultural and entertainment options.

  • Tuskegee University

    Tuskegee University

    Location (City, State): Tuskegee, AL

    Student Enrollment: 5,308

    Tuskegee University, established by Booker T. Washington, prioritized vocational education for African-American self-reliance. It nurtured achievers across civil rights, sciences, arts, and more. Designated as a National Historic Site, the campus houses the George Washington Carver Museum and Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site, honoring their legacies. Booker T. Washington's final resting place is on the Tuskegee University campus, where he is buried alongside his wife, Margaret James Murray Washington. Their tomb is a significant historical site on the campus. In proximity to the university, the infamous Tuskegee Syphilis Study, a long-running unethical medical experiment, unfolded in Macon County, Alabama. This study, which began in the 1930s and persisted for 40 years, involved withholding treatment for syphilis from African American men without their informed consent, leaving a dark mark on the history of medical ethics and civil rights. Now ranked #3 HBCU in the nation, the university is very famous for its athletic team, the Golden Tigers, which competes in sports such as baseball, basketball, football, track and field.

  • Bethune-Cookman University

    Bethune-Cookman University

    Location (City, State): Daytona Beach, Florida

    Student Enrollment: 5,248

    Bethune-Cookman University (BCU), founded in 1904 by civil rights icon Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune, Bethune-Cookman University is a thriving HBCU in Daytona Beach, Florida. The university possesses a renowned nursing program, a diverse range of academic offerings, and a commitment to community engagement. Bethune-Cookman's influence extends globally through international partnerships, while its cultural events and notable alumni enrich the university's vibrant legacy of leadership. Known as the Wildcats, BCU athletic teams compete at the NCAA Division I level, further enriching the college experience.

  • Edward Waters College

    Edward Waters College

    Location (City, State): Jacksonville, Florida

    Student Enrollment: 5,742

    Edward Waters College is a college with deep roots in post-Civil War education for African-Americans and is a vital part of the community. Affiliated with the United Methodist Church, it receives substantial support for its mission and development. Notable alumni shine in politics, business, natural science, education, and sports. The college's recent revitalization is adding a modern twist to its rich history, while cultural events keep its campus vibrant. Additionally, the college boasts a strong athletic presence, excelling in sports such as football and basketball while competing in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA).

  • Florida A&M University

    Florida A&M University

    Location (City, State): Tallahassee, Florida

    Student Enrollment: 60,310

    Florida A&M University (FAMU) stands tall as one of the oldest HBCUs in the U.S., pioneering African-American higher education. FAMU boasts diverse academic programs, including a top-ranked pharmacy school and a renowned College of Law. The university's commitment to research extends to health disparities, environment, and agriculture. But it's not just academics; FAMU's Marching 100 band is legendary, captivating audiences nationwide.

  • Florida Memorial University

    Florida Memorial University

    Location (City, State): Miami, Florida

    Student Enrollment: 2,056

    Florida Memorial University (FMU), founded in 1879, is one of Florida's oldest academic institutions. It has a diverse student body located in vibrant Miami Gardens. FMU’s campus hosts cultural events, displays strong athletics, and encourages community engagement. FMU's history and commitment to education make it a captivating place to learn and grow. Florida Memorial University takes pride in its legacy of notable alumni, among them are Trayvon Martin, who's tragic death in 2012 brought national attention to issues of racial profiling and gun violence. Complementing its academic excellence, FMU hosts competitive athletic teams known as the "Lions." These teams participate in a range of sports, including basketball, volleyball, and track & field, reflecting FMU's commitment to nurturing well-rounded student-athletes.

  • Albany State University

    Albany State University

    Location (City, State): Albany, Georgia

    Student Enrollment: 12,594

    Albany State University has a very impressive list of alumni, from the legendary Ray Charles to NFL champion Rickey Jackson, who have left their mark in diverse fields. ASU is a mixture of academic excellence, offering a wide spectrum of undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs, with a strong focus on education, healthcare, business, and Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics disciplines. Its location in Albany, Georgia, gives the campus a superb oasis, surrounded by a year-round warm and inviting climate. On top of academics, ASU actively engages with its community through outreach programs and partnerships. ASU Golden Rams, are a force to be reckoned with in NCAA Division II athletics, competing fiercely in various sports, including football, basketball, and baseball.

  • Clark Atlanta University

    Clark Atlanta University

    Location (City, State): Atlanta, Georgia

    Student Enrollment: 8,110

    Clark Atlanta University (CAU) is part of the Atlanta University Center Consortium, which includes several historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) in Atlanta. This consortium allows students from CAU, Morehouse College, Spelman College, and Morehouse School of Medicine to cross-register for courses at any of these institutions. This collaborative arrangement provides students with a broader educational experience and access to a wider range of academic resources and expertise across these institutions. CAU is associated with notable alumni, including civil rights leader Ralph David Abernathy, author Alice Walker, and filmmaker Spike Lee. Located in vibrant Atlanta, it's a hub for academic excellence, cultural events, and impactful community engagement. The campus is steeped in history and houses the Robert W. Woodruff Library, a treasure trove of African-American heritage. With a strong Greek life, dynamic arts scene, and research opportunities, CAU offers a rich and exciting academic journey.

  • Fort Valley State University

    Fort Valley State University

    Location (City, State): Fort Valley, Georgia

    Student Enrollment: 5,846

    Fort Valley State University (FVSU) in Georgia, founded in 1895, is a well-known Historically Black College and University with a rich history. As a land-grant institution, it's a hub for agricultural research and wildlife education. FVSU's scenic campus, famed Cooperative Extension program, and strong community engagement make it a vibrant center for both learning and community development. It's a place where history and innovation converge.

  • Interdenominational Theological Center

    Interdenominational Theological Center

    Location (City, State): Atlanta, Georgia

    Student Enrollment: 474 (Fall 2021)

    The Interdenominational Theological Center (ITC) in Atlanta is a historic consortium of five African-American seminaries, known for its civil rights connections and commitment to social justice. With a diverse student body, it promotes interfaith dialogue and community engagement while fostering a global perspective among its students and alumni.

  • Morehouse College

    Morehouse College

    Location (City, State): Atlanta, Georgia

    Student Enrollment: 5,108

    Morehouse College, founded in 1867 as an HBCU with a prominent history and notable alumni like Martin Luther King Jr., fosters strong student bonds. Renowned for its rigorous academic programs across various fields, it ranks #4 among HBCUs.

    Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Morehouse offers access to a vibrant cultural scene and prestigious events like the "Crown Forum" and "A Candle in the Dark" Gala. Atlanta's thriving business, entertainment, and technology sectors provide abundant internship and job opportunities, to enhance the college experience.

  • Morehouse School of Medicine

    Morehouse School of Medicine

    Location (City, State): Atlanta, Georgia

    Student Enrollment: 1,506 (Fall 2021)

    Founded in 1975, Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM) is an institution with a mission to address healthcare disparities and promote health equity. It offers abundant research opportunities, emphasizing public health, biomedical sciences, and healthcare innovation for hands-on experience. MSM's commitment to community health aligns with its focus on community service and outreach. The school possesses notable alumni in medicine and healthcare who serve as role models. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, MSM provides students access to a dynamic healthcare ecosystem, including renowned medical centers and research institutions.

  • Paine College

    Paine College

    Location (City, State): Augusta, Georgia

    Student Enrollment: 502

    Paine College offers diverse academic programs, including liberal arts, business, and STEM fields, providing students with varied educational opportunities. Smaller class sizes foster close student-faculty relationships and personalized learning. Located in Augusta, Georgia, the college grants access to a vibrant cultural scene, historical landmarks, and a thriving arts and music community. The institution's commitment to diversity and inclusivity enriches the educational experience, creating a multicultural learning environment.

  • Savannah State University

    Savannah State University

    Location (City, State): Savannah, Georgia

    Student Enrollment: 6,770

    Savannah State University's unique maritime program, complete with a fleet of training vessels, is a standout attraction for students interested in maritime and marine sciences. The university offers an array of over 75 clubs, organizations, and sports activities, providing students with diverse extracurricular opportunities. Additionally, Savannah State's commitment to affordability is evident, with over 90 percent of students receiving some form of scholarship or financial aid, making education accessible and affordable for many.

  • Spelman College

    Spelman College

    Location (City, State): Atlanta, Georgia

    Student Enrollment: 4,834 (Fall 2021)

    Spelman College was originally founded in 1881 as the Atlanta Baptist Female Seminary, and in 1924 became what is now known as Spelman College. Spelman is a private institution and an international leader in the education of women of African descent. Averaging over a 76% graduation rate for over six years. Spelman ranks #1 in Historically Black Colleges and Universities. The significance of Spelman is how the college focuses on the empowerment of the whole individual; intellectually, creatively, and ethically.

  • Dillard University

    Dillard University

    Location (City, State): New Orleans, LA

    Student Enrollment: 2,404

    Dillard University was founded in 1930 through a merger of two historically black colleges and has notable alumni like Marc Morial and Christian Scott. The university demonstrated resilience in rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina and is renowned for its strong arts and sciences programs. It also places a significant emphasis on community engagement and social justice in its rich New Orleans cultural environment.

  • Grambling State University

    Grambling State University

    Location (City, State): Grambling, Louisiana

    Student Enrollment: 10,540

    Grambling State University, a historically significant institution, was founded in 1901 and is renowned for its legendary football coach, Eddie G. Robinson, its exceptional marching band, and notable alumni such as Doug Williams and Willie Brown. As a prominent Historically Black College and University (HBCU), it offers diverse academic programs and hosts the annual Bayou Classic football game. The university also houses the National Black Sports Hall of Fame and is deeply committed to community engagement, making it a vital part of its local community and a symbol of African-American achievement in education, sports, and culture.

  • Southern University and A&M College

    Southern University and A&M College

    Location (City, State): Baton Rouge, Louisiana

    Student Enrollment: 16,634

    Southern University and A&M College, established in 1880 as one of the nation's oldest historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is notable for its influential alumni, including former Congressman Cedric Richmond and Grammy-winning musician Alvin Batiste. Part of the Southern University System, it offers strong academic programs, particularly in engineering, nursing, and business, and engages in impactful research initiatives, addressing regional and national challenges. With a vibrant cultural environment and renowned homecoming celebrations, Southern University continues to play a pivotal role in education, civil rights, and Louisiana's cultural heritage while maintaining a strong athletic tradition.

  • Southern University at New Orleans

    Southern University at New Orleans

    Location (City, State): New Orleans, Louisiana

    Student Enrollment: 4,212

    Southern University at New Orleans (SUNO), established in 1956 as a historically significant Historically Black College and University (HBCU), has a resilient history, notably recovering after Hurricane Katrina. Offering unique programs like Forensic Science, SUNO is deeply committed to cultural enrichment and community engagement. Its diverse student body, situated in the vibrant city of New Orleans, enjoys a rich cultural environment and opportunities for internships. Notable alumni have made significant contributions, and the university continues to reinvest and expand its facilities and programs, embodying a commitment to academic excellence and social impact.

  • Southern University at Shreveport

    Southern University at Shreveport

    Location (City, State): Shreveport, Louisiana

    Student Enrollment: 5,490 (Fall 2022)

    Southern University at Shreveport (SUSLA), established in 1967 as a community college, is a vital institution in Shreveport, Louisiana. Affiliated with the Southern University System and as a Historically Black College and University (HBCU), SUSLA offers diverse academic programs, including associate degrees and technical certifications, with a strong focus on workforce development and practical skill-building. The university fosters cultural enrichment, community engagement, and dual enrollment opportunities for high school students, while also supporting veterans and military-affiliated students. SUSLA's campus expansion and notable alumni highlight its dedication to accessible education, contributing to the educational and economic advancement of the Shreveport region.

  • Xavier University of Louisiana

    Xavier University of Louisiana

    Location (City, State): New Orleans, Louisiana

    Student Enrollment: 7,208

    Xavier University of Louisiana, founded in 1915, stands as the sole historically black and Catholic university in the United States, renowned for its exceptional academic programs. It particularly excels in the sciences and health-related fields, consistently producing a significant number of African-American graduates who excel in various scientific disciplines and health professions. Notably, its College of Pharmacy ranks among the nation's top programs and focuses on preparing pharmacists for underserved communities. The university places a strong emphasis on social justice, community service, and diversity, reflecting the rich cultural tapestry of New Orleans, where it is located. Despite facing challenges during Hurricane Katrina, Xavier's resilient community rebuilt and continues to thrive, contributing to both the academic and cultural vibrancy of the region.

  • Simmons College of Kentucky

    Simmons College of Kentucky

    Location (City, State): Louisville, Kentucky

    Student Enrollment: 326

    Simmons College is renowned for its unwavering commitment to social justice and active engagement with the community, addressing critical issues that affect the African-American community. Simmons College provides theological education that equips students for leadership roles within both the church and the wider community. Recently, the institution has experienced a remarkable resurgence, marked by a significant rise in enrollment and the expansion of its programs. These developments have garnered attention and acclaim for their commendable efforts to advance higher education within the African-American community.

  • Kentucky State University

    Kentucky State University

    Location (City, State): Frankfort, Kentucky

    Student Enrollment: 4,558

    Kentucky State University is a renowned land-grant university, KSU seamlessly integrates classical education with a steadfast commitment to agriculture and mechanics, playing a pivotal role in nurturing Kentucky's agricultural advancement. The institution stands as a trailblazer in cutting-edge research encompassing agriculture, environmental science, and biotechnology, addressing pressing concerns such as sustainability and food security. KSU proudly celebrates a distinguished roster of alumni who have left an indelible mark on various fields, spanning education, politics, sports, and entertainment.

  • University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff

    University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff

    Location (City, State): Pine Bluff, Arkansas

    Student Enrollment: 5,340

    The University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff UAPB, is a land-grant institution, which means it has a strong focus on agriculture, agricultural research, and related fields. The university offers a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, and professional degree programs in various disciplines, including STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), business, education, and agriculture. UAPBs athletic teams are known as the Golden Lions. The university has a strong athletic tradition competing in NCAA Division I sports.

  • Shorter College

    Shorter College

    Location (City, State): Little Rock, Arkansas

    Student Enrollment: 490 (Fall 2022)

    Shorter University offers a rich history of Christian education. It provides diverse undergraduate and graduate programs spanning disciplines like business, arts, sciences, education, and health sciences. The university's dynamic performing arts program enables students to participate in music, theater, and creative pursuits.

  • Philander Smith College

    Philander Smith College

    Location (City, State): Little Rock, Arkansas

    Student Enrollment: 1,420

    Philander Smith College, founded in 1877, holds a proud legacy as a historically black college (HBCU), offering students a unique blend of historical and cultural significance. The college's strong commitment to social justice and activism resonates with students' passion about effecting positive change in their communities and society at large.

  • Arkansas Baptist College

    Arkansas Baptist College

    Location (City, State): Little Rock, Arkansas

    Student Enrollment: 828

    Founded in 1884, Arkansas Baptist College aimed to provide education and vocational training for African Americans. With a small campus that encourages a tight-knit community and personalized learning, it maintains strong Baptist ties and affiliation with the Consolidated Missionary Baptist State Convention of Arkansas. Arkansas Baptist College (ABC) offers diverse undergraduate degree programs, including fields like business administration, criminal justice, education, and religious studies. Additionally, ABC has a sports program that allows students to engage in various athletic activities and competitions.

  • Alcorn State University

    Alcorn State University

    Location (City, State): Lorman, Mississippi

    Student Enrollment: 6,148

    Alcorn State University bears the name of James L. Alcorn, a former Mississippi governor instrumental in its founding. The campus is renowned for its charming landscape, featuring historic structures, lavish green areas, and the iconic Bell Tower. With a strong agricultural legacy, the university offers programs in agriculture, forestry, and environmental sciences, complemented by a practical farm for hands-on learning. Additionally, Alcorn State holds an Honors College that extends research and academic enrichment opportunities to highly talented students, and its mascot, "Brave," symbolizes the institution's historical connection to Native American education.

  • Coahoma Community College

    Coahoma Community College

    Location (City, State): Clarksdale, Mississippi

    Student Enrollment: 3,122 (Fall 2022)

    Coahoma Community College is located in Clarksdale, Mississippi, a city renowned as the "Home of the Blues" due to its rich musical history. The college places a strong emphasis on agricultural education, offering programs in farming and modern agricultural practices through the Charles W. Capps Jr. Technology Center. Situated in the heart of the Mississippi Delta, the college is deeply connected to the cultural heritage of the region, particularly the vibrant blues music scene. This heritage is frequently celebrated through a variety of events, lectures, and cultural activities hosted by the college. Additionally, the college boasts a distinguished choir recognized for its performances and contributions to the local arts scene, often engaging in community events and showcasing local talent.

  • Jackson State University

    Jackson State University

    Location (City, State): Jackson, Mississippi

    Student Enrollment: 14,160

    Jackson State University has a multifaceted history, with both tragic and triumphant chapters. In 1970, the "Jackson State killings" marked a somber moment when police officers fired upon student protesters, resulting in the tragic deaths of two students and injuries to many others. Despite this dark episode, the university has an impressive list of accomplished alumni, including civil rights activist Medgar Evers, Grammy-winning jazz musician Cassandra Wilson, and NFL Hall of Famer Walter Payton. On a lighter note, the university's sports teams, known as the Jackson State Tigers, proudly bear the tiger mascot and excel in various sports like football, basketball, and track and field. Meanwhile, the famous "Sonic Boom of the South" marching band captivates audiences with its electrifying performances, even gracing major events such as Super Bowl halftime shows.

  • Mississippi Valley State University

    Mississippi Valley State University

    Location (City, State): Itta Bena, Mississippi

    Student Enrollment: 4,128

    Mississippi Valley State University, known for its Delta Devils and Devilettes athletic teams, pays homage to its Mississippi Delta location through this unique nickname. The university can be proud to have educated alumni like Jerry Rice, a football legend who graced the NFL with the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders. Beyond sports, MVSU shines with "The Mean Green Marching Machine," a renowned marching band celebrated for its spirited performances. Moreover, the campus houses the B.B. King Recording Studio, honoring the blues icon and offering students a special opportunity to delve into music and recording. Further, MVSU's distinctive academic programs, including the "Birthplace of American Music," delve into the cultural significance of genres like blues, jazz, and gospel, enriching its educational offerings.

  • Rust College

    Rust College

    Location (City, State): Holly Springs, Mississippi

    Student Enrollment: 1,536

    Rust College, the oldest historically black college in Mississippi, proudly holds a rich cultural heritage. Its historic campus showcases buildings like the Leontyne Price Library, honoring the illustrious opera singer and Rust College alumna, Leontyne Price. The college's commitment to culture shines through its diverse array of events, including concerts, art exhibitions, and theater productions, which not only highlight the talents of its students but also contribute significantly to enriching the local community's cultural tapestry.

  • Tougaloo College

    Location (City, State): Tougaloo, Mississippi

    Student Enrollment: 1,426

    Tougaloo College holds a significant place in Mississippi's history as one of the first institutions to integrate African-American students. Its picturesque campus, adorned with majestic oak trees and historic buildings, has earned it a spot on the National Register of Historic Places. The college's commitment to community engagement and service is evident through its partnerships with various organizations addressing local social and economic challenges. Additionally, Tougaloo College nests the Tougaloo College Art Collections, a repository of African-American art, showcased in the Ethelbert Barksdale Exhibition Gallery through rotating art exhibitions.

  • Bennett College

    Bennett College

    Location (City, State): Greensboro, North Carolina

    Student Enrollment: 414

    Bennett College has a remarkable alumni list, featuring notable figures such as playwright and author Pearl Cleage, civil rights activist Dorothy Height, and NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson, whose story inspired "Hidden Figures." The college's motto, "In Unity, There Is Strength," underlines the significance of collaboration in achieving common goals. Furthermore, Bennett College's historical significance is highlighted by its role as a host to several U.S. presidents, including Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, and Barack Obama, all of whom have given praise to its campus. With a strong tradition of social justice and activism, the college actively participated in the civil rights movement, with its students engaged in protests and sit-ins during the 1960s.

  • Elizabeth City State University

    Elizabeth City State University

    Location (City, State): Elizabeth City, North Carolina

    Student Enrollment: 4,108

    Elizabeth City State University (ECSU) features a renowned aviation science program with comprehensive flight training, preparing students for promising careers in aviation and related fields. As proud members of the NCAA Division II Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA), ECSU's athletic teams, known as the Vikings, maintain a strong sports tradition, with basketball, football, and track and field ranking among their popular sports. Additionally, ECSU deeply engages with its local community through a robust commitment to community service and outreach programs. The university further enriches its cultural landscape by hosting diverse cultural events, such as concerts, art exhibitions, and theatrical performances, contributing to the vibrant atmosphere on campus and in the surrounding community.

  • Fayetteville State University

    Fayetteville State University

    Location (City, State): Fayetteville, North Carolina

    Student Enrollment: 13,496

    Fayetteville State University's strong connection to the military is a result of its proximity to Fort Bragg, one of the largest military installations globally. This unique location has attracted many military personnel and veterans to attend FSU, where the university offers tailored programs and resources to support their educational needs. The university's mascot, the Bronco, symbolizes strength, agility, and resilience, making frequent appearances at sporting events and other campus activities. FSU is also celebrated for its commitment to diversity, fostering a vibrant student population, and actively promoting cultural awareness and inclusivity on campus. Additionally, the university embraces traditional festivities like Homecoming, complete with a lively parade, football game, and alumni gatherings.

  • Johnson C. Smith University

    Johnson C. Smith University

    Location (City, State): Charlotte, North Carolina

    Student Enrollment: 2,332

    Description: Johnson C. Smith University, one of North Carolina's 11 historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs), holds a significant place in history. In 2008, the university welcomed then-presidential candidate Barack Obama, who addressed crucial economic and social issues on its campus. Additionally, Harvey Gantt, an alumnus of Johnson C. Smith University, made history as Charlotte's first African-American mayor and played a pivotal role in the civil rights movement. Beyond its historical significance, the university remains actively involved in community service and outreach initiatives, forging a strong bond with the Charlotte community.

  • Livingstone College

    Livingstone College

    Location (City, State): Salisbury, North Carolina

    Student Enrollment: 1,780

    Livingstone College, named after the renowned Scottish explorer and missionary, Dr. David Livingstone, stands as a testament to his legacy of exploration and commitment to ending the African slave trade. The college's athletic teams, known as the Blue Bears, have established a history of success in various sports, representing their institution with pride in NCAA Division II competitions. Beyond sports, Livingstone College fosters a vibrant cultural scene, hosting a plethora of events such as lectures, concerts, and celebrations that honor African-American history and culture. Complementing its cultural prominence, the college offers a diverse range of academic programs, encompassing undergraduate and graduate degrees, with notable strengths in the fields of education, business, and sciences.

  • North Carolina A&T State University

    North Carolina A&T State University

    Location (City, State): Greensboro, North Carolina

    Student Enrollment: 38,076

    North Carolina A&T State University, recognized for its excellence in engineering programs and its leadership in producing African-American engineers, has an impressive alumni list that includes Ronald McNair, the second African-American astronaut who traveled the most in space. Furthermore, the university holds a pivotal place in the civil rights movement, with its students initiating the Greensboro sit-ins at a segregated Woolworth's lunch counter in 1960. The institution's community spirit is epitomized by the phrase "Aggie Pride," and its athletic prowess shines through the Aggies, who compete in NCAA Division I, particularly excelling in football. Adding to its vibrancy, the Blue and Gold Marching Machine energizes major events with spirited performances.

  • North Carolina Central University

    North Carolina Central University

    Location (City, State): Durham, North Carolina

    Student Enrollment: 15,906

    North Carolina Central University (NCCU) students played a crucial role in the civil rights movement of the 1960s, actively participating in sit-in protests that helped break down the barriers of segregation in Durham's local businesses and establishments. The university's mascot, "The Eagle," not only represents its athletic spirit but also symbolizes strength and freedom. Ernie Barnes, an NCCU alum, achieved national recognition for his distinctive artistic style, which captured the essence of African-American life and culture. Within its historic campus, NCCU showcases iconic buildings like the James E. Shepard Administration Building, honoring its founder, and the B.N. Duke Auditorium, a cultural receptacle for diverse events and performances.

  • Saint Augustine's University

    Saint Augustine's University

    Location (City, State): Raleigh, North Carolina

    Student Enrollment: 2,522

    Saint Augustine's University is named after the renowned African theologian and philosopher Saint Augustine of Hippo and carries forward a legacy of academic excellence and social engagement. It has nurtured accomplished individuals like Dr. Christine King Farris, sister of the iconic Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who has made significant contributions as an author and educator. Beyond academia, the university is grounded in athleticism, competing vigorously in NCAA Division II sports as an active member of the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA). This blend of intellectual pursuit and athletic prowess underscores the university's multifaceted commitment to holistic education and community involvement.

  • Shaw University

    Shaw University

    Location (City, State): Raleigh, North Carolina

    Student Enrollment: 2,282

    Shaw University, with its rich history and trailblazing legacy, has not only been a pioneer in education but has also nurtured exceptional talent across diverse fields. It featured several "firsts," such as housing the first Black library in North Carolina and establishing the state's inaugural pharmacy school for African Americans. Moreover, the university has cultivated a remarkable alumni community that has left an indelible mark on education, politics, and entertainment, with luminaries like former U.S. Congressman George Henry White, civil rights icon Diane Nash, and Grammy-winning sensation Anthony Hamilton among its ranks. Complementing its academic excellence, the Shaw Bears, the university's athletic teams, have consistently upheld a strong tradition of competitive sportsmanship, contributing to the institution's heritage.

  • Winston-Salem State University

    Winston-Salem State University

    Location (City, State): Winston-Salem, North Carolina

    Student Enrollment: 10,452

    Winston-Salem State University proudly counts Earl Monroe, an NBA Hall of Famer, among its notable alumni. The university's choir has gained fame for its performances at prestigious venues, including the White House and the Kennedy Center. Competing in NCAA Division II athletics, the university's sports teams, known as the Rams, demonstrate excellence in sports such as football, basketball, track and field. Located in Winston-Salem, NC, a city deeply rooted in the history of tobacco and textiles, WSSU shares its surroundings with distinguished institutions like Wake Forest University and the North Carolina School of the Arts.

  • Allen University

    Allen University

    Location (City, State): Columbia, South Carolina

    Student Enrollment: 1,242

    Allen University, though smaller in size, provides a diverse range of undergraduate and graduate programs, encompassing fields such as business administration, criminal justice, and liberal studies. Additionally, its athletic teams, known as the Allen Yellow Jackets, actively participate in competitions under the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), showcasing the university's commitment to sports. Moreover, like many higher education institutions, Allen University hosts an array of cultural and social events throughout the academic year, fostering an inclusive atmosphere where students can engage in extracurricular activities and cultivate a strong sense of community.

  • Benedict College

    Benedict College

    Location (City, State): Columbia, South Carolina

    Student Enrollment: 3,816

    Benedict College has a prestigious list of alumni, among them U.S. Congressman James Clyburn, who has held the influential position of Majority Whip in the U.S. House of Representatives. The college's national prominence was further promoted in 2019 when it hosted a high-profile criminal justice forum, featuring several Democratic presidential candidates, emphasizing its pivotal role in nurturing discussions on critical social and political matters. On the athletic front, the Benedict College Tigers are formidable contenders in NCAA Division II, proudly affiliated with the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SIAC). Beyond academics and sports, the college's vibrant campus life is enriched by a diverse array of cultural events, from concerts and theater performances to captivating art exhibitions.

  • Claflin University

    Claflin University

    Location (City, State): Orangeburg, South Carolina

    Student Enrollment: 3,732

    Claflin University made history as South Carolina's first HBCU to admit women, setting a precedent for gender equality in higher education during the late 19th century. Today, the university is celebrated for its strong emphasis on STEM programs, contributing significantly to the advancement of science and technology. With a diverse student body representing various backgrounds and countries, Claflin promotes a rich and inclusive campus community. Its consistent ranking among the top HBCUs in the nation underscores its unwavering commitment to academic excellence and the success of its students.

  • Clinton College

    Clinton College

    Location (City, State): Rock Hill, South Carolina

    Student Enrollment: 306

    Clinton College, founded in 1894, stands as one of South Carolina's oldest historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs). Located in the heart of Rock Hill, SC students here enjoy a family-like campus community, fostering lasting friendships and support networks. The college's rich heritage is shown in its historic campus architecture, providing a special environment for learning. Furthermore, Clinton College actively promotes community engagement, encouraging students to take part in volunteer activities and service projects, for a well-rounded educational experience.

  • Denmark Technical College

    Denmark Technical College

    Location (City, State): Denmark, South Carolina

    Student Enrollment: 1,224 (Fall 2022)

    Description: Denmark Technical College is all about helping students pave the way to their dream career. DT College makes it possible to dive into career-focused education, from healthcare to engineering technology and business, all designed to launch students into the professional world. DT partnered with local industries, securing internships and job placements to make students workforce ready. Plus, the college holds strong community ties meaning hands-on outreach, bridging the gap between knowledge and real-world impact.

  • Morris College

    Morris College

    Location (City, State): Sumter, South Carolina

    Student Enrollment: 820

    At Morris College, students can embark on a unique academic experience with small class sizes, guaranteeing them personal attention and a close-bonded academic family. The college possesses an array of undergraduate programs across diverse fields like education, business, humanities, and social sciences, allowing students to explore their passions. Additionally, the campus runs multiple cultural events, from mesmerizing concerts to critical-thinking lectures and captivating art exhibitions, creating an electric atmosphere that's enriching as it is exciting.

  • South Carolina State University

    South Carolina State University

    Location (City, State): Orangeburg, South Carolina

    Student Enrollment: 4,748

    At South Carolina State University (SCSU), the beat of excellence resonates through the legendary Marching 101, a source of immense pride for its vibrant community. Their historic campus tells tales of time with iconic landmarks like the historic quad and the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Auditorium, where history-makers have graced the stage. SCSU, known as the Bulldogs, compete in NCAA Division I athletics, igniting the spirit of competition. South Carolina State University allows its students to dive into a world of endless possibilities with their diverse range of academic programs, spanning everything from agriculture and business to education, engineering, and the sciences.

  • Voorhees College

    Voorhees College

    Location (City, State): Denmark, South Carolina

    Student Enrollment: 804

    Voorhees College pays homage to Ralph and Elizabeth Voorhees, generous philanthropists whose support transformed this institution in 1947. The campus itself is a picturesque blend of historic buildings and lush green spaces, providing an inspiring backdrop for academic pursuits. Notably, the college has been graced by visits from U.S. Presidents, including Franklin D. Roosevelt and Barack Obama. Voorhees College are also members of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), competing in basketball, track and field, and volleyball.

  • American Baptist College

    American Baptist College

    Location (City, State): Nashville, Tennessee

    Student Enrollment: 114

    American College Baptist’s (ABC) mission is to diligently works to equip individuals for roles of Christian leadership, ministry and services across a spectrum of diverse contexts. ABC takes pride in its dedication and commitment in addressing the pressing issues of social and racial justice. Regular chapel services and spiritual development play a vital role on campus, nurturing the spiritual growth of students. Located in the vibrant city of Nashville, ABC benefits from the city's renowned music scene, rich cultural diversity, and historical significance in the Civil Rights Movement, providing students with a unique and enriching environment for their academic and personal development.

  • Fisk University

    Fisk University

    Location (City, State): Nashville, Tennessee

    Student Enrollment: 1,884

    Fisk University's Fisk Jubilee Singers, formed in 1871, are renowned for introducing spirituals and African-American religious music to a broader audience, even performing for Queen Victoria and President Ulysses S. Grant. Additionally, the university's Carl Van Vechten Gallery boasts an impressive collection of African and African-American art, featuring works by celebrated artists like Aaron Douglas, Jacob Lawrence, and Augusta Savage. Fisk University remains a vibrant cultural epicenter in Nashville, offering students a dynamic platform for concerts, lectures, and exhibitions that enrich the city's cultural tapestry.

  • Lane College

    Lane College

    Location (City, State): Jackson, Tennessee

    Student Enrollment: 2,094

    Named after Bishop Isaac Lane, a distinguished founder of the institution and a significant figure within the Christian Methodist Episcopal (CME) Church, Lane College stands as a testament to his legacy. The college actively engages in NCAA Division II athletics, proudly affiliating with the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SIAC), providing diverse sports opportunities for both male and female athletes. Alongside its athletic prowess, Lane College cultivates cultural appreciation by hosting a wide range of events, lectures, and performances that honor African-American heritage, contributing to the enriched educational experience.

  • LeMoyne-Owen College

    LeMoyne-Owen College

    Location (City, State): Memphis, Tennessee

    Student Enrollment: 613

    LeMoyne-Owen College is situated within the culturally rich Soulsville neighborhood of Memphis. This area holds historical significance as the birthplace of Stax Records, an iconic record label deeply rooted in the soul music genre. The campus thrives with an energetic student life, boasting a diverse range of clubs, organizations, and events. This dynamic atmosphere fosters a close-knit community, providing students with an immersive and rewarding college experience.

  • Meharry Medical College

    Meharry Medical College

    Location (City, State): Nashville, Tennessee

    Student Enrollment: 1,928

    Founded in 1876 in Nashville, Tennessee, Meharry Medical College holds a historical significance as one of the oldest historically Black medical schools in the U.S. Initially prioritizing dentistry education, it provided dental training to African-American students during an era of racial segregation. Today, Meharry's curriculum is distinguished by its commitment to training healthcare professionals dedicated to serving disadvantaged and minority communities. This mission extends beyond the classroom, as the college maintains a tradition of organizing medical mission trips to offer vital healthcare services in underserved regions, both within the U.S. and abroad.

  • Tennessee State University

    Tennessee State University

    Location (City, State): Nashville, Tennessee

    Student Enrollment: 16,154

    Tennessee State University, home of the Tigers, boasts a robust athletics program that has cultivated exceptional athletes, many of whom have advanced to compete at professional levels. The university stands as a hub of research excellence, housing multiple research centers and institutes dedicated to areas such as agriculture, health disparities, and education. These establishments actively drive groundbreaking research and innovation. The renowned Tennessee State University, the "Aristocrat of Bands," is celebrated for its captivating displays of dynamism and precision. With appearances at parades, halftime shows, and national competitions, the band holds a prominent place in the university's vibrant culture.

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