Florida A&M University

Why Head Coaching Searches At Texas Southern And Florida A&M Hurt Players The Most

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Florida A&M Wins the 2023 Celebration Bowl To Become HBCU National Champions

The Florida A&M Rattlers defeated the Howard University Bisons and won their first HBCU title since 1998.

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Top Historically Black Colleges and Universities to attend in the Southeast.

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The clip has over 100,000 views.

Winslyn Parrish Is on a Mission to Destigmatize Therapy for Black Women

After losing her mother a year ago, Parrish has doubled down on her commitment to embrace community, prioritize her mental health, and lean into the health justice space—all while maintaining a 4.0. How does she do it? A lot of therapy.

Noella Williams: Activist, Anime Fan, Author

After transferring to Florida’s largest historically Black university, Williams’s world opened up when she realized that there was space for reproductive justice and radical politics at Florida A&M.

FAMU Students File Lawsuit Against Florida Over Underfunding

The lawsuit alleges the HBCU isn’t receiving the same type of funding as other public universities in the state.