Two Texas Teens Charged For Allegedly Dressing In KKK Outfits And Tasing Black Classmate

The Halloween weekend assault terrorized his client, the victim’s lawyer says.

Two Texas high school students were indicted in Refugio County on Dec. 16 for allegedly dressing up in Klu Klux Klan outfits on Halloween weekend and tasing a Black classmate in Woodsboro.

The grand jury voted to charge Noel Garcia Jr. and Rance Bolcik, both 17, with engaging in organized criminal activity and tampering with evidence, according to court documents published by KRIS, Both charges are third-degree felonies and include a hate crime enhancement.

An unnamed girl allegedly participated in the crime but was not identified because she’s underage.

Texas Monthly obtained a one-minute video recorded by an unidentified girl who appears to orchestrate the attack, giving the hooded boys directions, as the terrified Black teens’ pleas to “chill” fall on deaf ears.

“Surround him. Surround him!” She giggles, according to Texas Monthly. A second figure dressed in klan attire comes into the frame, holding a small purple device in one hand. A “rapid-fire crackle rings out.”

“KKK,” the girl says.

“I’m heartened in so far as this indictment is proof positive that at least the citizens of the grand jury in Refugio County saw the evidence, saw that the evidence was indisputable, saw that what my client said happen did in fact happen, and they are now going to bring to account at least two of those people who were involved in that crime," KRIS quoted Matt Manning, the attorney for the alleged victim.

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Speaking at a Nov. 10 news conference, Manning said his client was not seriously injured by the stun gun, previously reported.

“For you to dress up as a Klansman, you have a specific intent of terrorizing,” the lawyer said. “That’s not an accident. That’s not kids being kids. That’s not boys being boys. That’s not hazing or high school hijinks. High school hijinks are egging somebody’s house, not dressing up as a Klansman and Tasing them.”

According to KRIS, the two teens face from two to 10 years if found guilty of the charges.

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