Ku Klux Klan

Two Texas Teens Charged For Allegedly Dressing In KKK Outfits And Tasing Black Classmate

The Halloween weekend assault terrorized his client, the victim’s lawyer says.

Black Texas Teen Allegedly Shocked With Stun Gun By Suspected High School Students Dressed In KKK Robes On Halloween

It was an act intended to terrorize, not a typical Halloween prank, the attorney says.

San Francisco High School Student Wears KKK Costume On Campus

The district is calling the incident “disturbing and unacceptable.”

Georgia Police Charge Black Woman Who Allegedly Impersonated Klansman With Making Terroristic Threats

Threatening notes were placed in neighbors’ mailboxes.

Case Files And Photos From 1964 ‘Mississippi Burning’ Murders Made Public For First Time

The files cover the 1964 killings of civil rights activists.

NAACP Files Lawsuit Against Donald Trump Over Deadly U.S. Capitol Riot

The group says he violated an 1871 law targeted at the KKK.

Kelly Loeffler: Had ‘No idea’ Chester Doles Was a Former KKK Leader When She Took Photo

The incumbent says she does not know him.

Michigan Cop Suspended For Hanging Framed KKK Application On Wall

He was placed on paid leave after a house hunter found it.

Epic Fail: Dayton KKK Rally Had 9 Supporters Show Up While 600 Counter Protesters Were Waiting For Them

350 police officers were on hand to protect the group.

White South Carolina Man Sentenced 10 Years For Trying To Hire KKK Hit Man To Lynch Black Neighbor

Brandon Lecroy wanted to have his neighbor lynched.