hate crime

Black Texas Teen Allegedly Shocked With Stun Gun By Suspected High School Students Dressed In KKK Robes On Halloween

It was an act intended to terrorize, not a typical Halloween prank, the attorney says.

Racial Slur Spray Painted At Burned Out Home Of Black Indiana City Council Member

The FBI is investigating.

Shooting Of Two Black People In Massachusetts Being Investigated As Hate Crime

Officials found “troubling white supremacist rhetoric.”

Alonzo Brooks’ Mysterious Death Ruled A Homicide Due To Possible Hate Crime

His story was featured on Netflix's 'Unsolved Mysteries.'

Gang Member Who Led Firebombing of Black Family Homes In L.A. Housing Project, Receives Long Prison Sentence

Carlos Hernandez organized an attack against Black families.

L.A. Trump Rally: Black Woman Viciously Attacked By Pro-Trump Thugs

The crowd attacked her for saying she didn’t vote for Trump.

White Man Shoots Daughter’s Black Boyfriend, But Is Out Of Jail On Lenient Charges

Some claim he deserves hate crime charges.

Parents Charged With Hate Crime After Allegedly Assaulting Black Teen Found In Daughter’s Closet

The 17-year-old boy says he was tied up with rope.

Louisiana Black Church-Fires Suspect Charged With Hate Crimes

Benjamin Watson tweeted a GoFundMe to help rebuild churches.

Video Captures Homophobic Mob Gruesomely Beat Transgender Woman In Broad Daylight

Police have charged Edward Thomas with aggravated assault.

Black Reporter Was Unsure Of Speaking Out About Being A Hate-Crime Victim After Jussie Smollett Scandal

He says white people attacked him and called him a monkey.