People Are Going Crazy Over How Well This Weather Man Flawlessly Explained Three Different Hurricanes

"Alan Sealls has got his s**t together."

When was the last time you watched your local weather forecast and thought, "Damn, that weather person is killing it?"

If you answered never, that is probably because you don't live in Alabama and you've never been privileged enough to watch Chief Meteorologist Alan Sealls.

During a broadcast on WKRG, Sealls delivered one of the most informative reports on Hurricanes Irma, Jose and Katia. 

His in-depth and eloquent delivery not only made his content easy to follow, it also landed him on the front page of Reddit as “Best Weatherman Ever."

  • In the 4-minute-long tropics forecast, Sealls effortlessly examines the different outcomes of the hurricanes and compares them to storms of the past

  • Shortly after making the broadcast, Stellarnan7 posted the clip to Reddit

  • People couldn't help but comment on how Sealls turned a somewhat boring topic like weather into a have a seat and take notes moment

  • Sealls's demeanor and presence made many feel as though he is an all-around good guy

  • Seall's forecast was such a hit, he's probably received more love from strangers than ever before

    "Alan Sealls has got his s**t together," wrote No. 1 on YouTube.

    Reddit user rethinkingat59 gave a more detailed analysis:

    Great talent, you can tell he works hard on his craft.

    3 strengths I noticed.

    1: It's obvious he spends great amounts of time understanding hurricanes, understanding projections, and understanding factors contributing to storm movement. He is not just reading a report from The Hurricane Center.

    2: As important as understanding the science, he also has mastered understanding his audience, possible misunderstandings many have about forecast and how repetitive points helps in their absorbing the information. He is empathetic in their concerns and lack of in depth knowledge on hurricanes, still communicates without talking down to them.

    3: This guy has spent hours mastering concise, clear communication skills. He has worked on delivery for years and still likely prepared for hours for this short 3 minute presentation.

    He may have a lot of natural talent and experience, but what we saw was evidence of years of hard work on his on, when nobody was watching.

    -Old sales guy admiring a master

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