Six Lessons in Friendship From ‘Tyler Perry’s Sistas’

Having a core group of friends that becomes like family can teach you a lot about yourself, love, and life.

Tyler Perry’s Sistas takes us on a journey that goes beyond basic friendship. It’s about the ups and downs of a sisterhood. In this case, these sisters aren’t blood but they have chosen each other and ride for each other no matter what.

Andi (KJ Smith), Fatima (Crystal Renne Hayslett), Karen (Ebony Obsidian), Danni (Mignon Von), and Sabrina (Novi Brown) have found each other in a rough world where life’s trials and tribulations can be a lot to handle. They love each other through it all no matter what, and their bond remains strong, even when they may not always get along. Sistas provides laughs, love, and a lot of lessons on the importance of having a chosen tribe.

Fresh from this week’s Season 4 premiere, here are six lessons about sisterhood that you can take away from BET+’s Sisters.

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  • Surround Yourself With Safe People


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    This crew of women doesn’t always see eye to eye but they lean on each other whenever they’re going through life’s ups and downs. 

    If you’re able to have your own friends that can call each other out when necessary, know that you’re safe in a place of love. 

    Watching these sisters stand up for each other is a chance for us to learn skills to provide others shoulders to lean or cry on.

  • Love is Unconditional


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    Love doesn’t come with terms and conditions so it’s important that your tribe loves you for you, no matter what you look like or where you come from, even when they make missteps.  

    This group of friends doesn’t always agree with each other’s actions, but they are always there for each other to listen to grievances and provide solutions. Take Sabrina’s friend, Maurice (Bryan Jordan Jr), for example. He’s not in the core group of “sistas” but sometimes makes questionable decisions in love too, like that guy he dated that ended up trying the bank where he and Sabrina work. 

    He was embarrassed to tell Sabrina that he had just slept with the man the night before but he admitted it. Sabrina almost gave him a lecture but realized how hurt she was and decided to keep it to herself but continued to show her friend some love.

  • Listen to Sound Advice


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    There are those who are Team Andi and Gary, but then there are those of us who are like Karen — we don’t trust Gary as far as we can throw him. He put Andi through a lot, from getting her arrested by the feds to failing to mention his wife (or soon-to-be ex-wife) almost trying to kill her multiple times yet she still continues to give him chance after chance. 

    The best advice anyone could take for themselves when watching Andi, in this case, is to leave Gary (or someone like them) alone. Friends can often see love interests with a clearer vision. But when the vibes are off about those people, the takeaway is that it is probably coming from a real place of concern that should be explored.

  • Agree to Disagree


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    All of these women’s love lives are a hot mess. Danni has a good man in Preston but she won’t allow herself to trust him. Karen kept belittling Zac until he finally moved on for real. 

    Sabrina struggles when it comes to knowing how to pick the right one, and we just discussed Andi’s situation. They’re all over the place and they let each other know it on occasion. 

    But they also let each other live, proving that you can love someone from a distance even if you don’t always agree with their moves.

  • Friendship Comes In Unexpected Ways


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    Fatima wasn’t always part of the crew but she and Andi got closer when Andi was at the height of her drama with Gary. 

    When Andi was being audited, Fatima helped her through the process, even putting herself on the line. From there, Andi brought Fatima into her crew and they’re mostly getting along well. 

    We all know that Fatima and Karen are rocky because of Zac, which we’ll get to in the next lesson, but the point here is to be open to friendships with new people.

  • Sistas over Mistas


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    Fatima and Zac started their fling after Karen broke Zac’s heart for the umpteenth time. Things weren’t that serious in the beginning so there were times when Zac backslid to Karen. 

    The catch is, none of them knew they had each other in common. When Fatima came into the fold, she never mentioned Zac by name and Karen didn’t talk about Zac because she swore they were done. Obviously, it was a not-so-welcome surprise when they found out about each other. 

    Zac and Fatima are serious about each other now, so there’s nothing Karen can do about it but she has been acting shady toward Fatima, which puts Andi in an awkward position. 

    At some point, they are going to have to choose friendship if this is going to work.

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