Ernie Hudson Talks ‘Family Business’ And Which 'Ghostbusters' Is The Real Classic

Actor Ernie Hudson discusses family dynamics in Family Business, and how wild the show’s fourth season will get.

One of actor Ernie Hudson’s signature roles is that of Winston in Ghostbusters. However, most recently, he has been introduced to newer audiences as LC Duncan from Carl Weber’s Family Business, which airs on BET and BET+. The latter is back and in its fourth season of mayhem and drama.

Here, we catch up with the veteran actor to discuss what’s in store for the Duncan family, which Ghostbusters is the best Ghostbusters, the Quantum Leap reboot, and more. The first episode this season opens with LC Duncan making a promise to another cartel boss that is likely going to have some far-reaching consequences throughout the rest of the season. So, what can you tell us about what to expect?

Ernie Hudson: This season goes in directions that I credit Carl because honestly when I was reading the script, my jaw was on the floor. I'm like, Carl, really? This is a real challenge to the family because we have our immediate family, but we forget those crazy relatives on the other side of the hill that you ignore them for a reason. Stan Shaw plays my brother Larry, and it’s that other side of the family that really we think about — all the people that are our adversaries, but it's still difficult when it's family and this is a really hard season for the family, for LC in particular. I'm glad you said that because you think of the boogeyman, whether in real life or in fiction, as this other force and not necessarily family but LC’s brother Larry is going to throw some wrenches into the Duncans’ plans, so what can you tell me about Larry and LC’s relationship?

EH: They were really close as kids. There were four brothers because we lost Lou, and Larry is the one brother who becomes a problem. It gets to a point where you keep trying but you eventually realize that you have to distance yourself and some things you just won't understand and can't fix. Sometimes people who have no money think you can fix everything with money and that’s not true. The Family itself has its issues, but when you're starting out and you’re broke and all you got is each other, you build this bond but then you begin to see the individual stuff in people that can make or break a relationship. So, my brother, Larry is a challenge. That guy threatens everything. Everything can blow up for LC. It's like okay, let me just focus on the cartels and we focus on people trying to come in and take over territories. But family is right there, always, good or bad. So it'sIt's going to be a really interesting season. What can we expect to see with regard to the parent-child dynamics within the Duncan family, because the kids seem obedient enough for the most part? So what does that say about how chippy and LC parent?

EH: I think Chippy and LC are very controlling. We've always been very controlling and because this is a dangerous business we’re in. So there are certain things you can and can’t do. Paris has always been a little out of control, but they don't realize the danger and are always sort of fighting between each other. This is the norm in the family. You have your family dynamic, and for the most part, we’re living in this compound, but everybody goes off to work in separate places, and they have other lives. So there’s jealousy with kids, and I think for LC and Chippy, ideally they want to be able just to say, we raised these kids, now let's step back. In fact, in the very first episode, that's what he's trying to do. I'm going to retire, I’ll let them take over. Orlando, is a new head, but he's just not able to do it. And part of it is because with kids, sometimes you just have to clean up after them. Do you think there will ever be any crossover events in the Carl Weber universe, like where the Brittons and the Johnsons from The Black Hamptons meet up with the Duncans?  Have you gotten a chance to see Black Hamptons?

EH: The funny thing is, I've been so busy working that I haven't sat down and watched The Black Hamptons. But knowing Carl and the way he writes, I'm assuming it's a good show and knows he'll probably be crossing things over at some point. I spoke to Carl last week and he did say it’s a possibility. Nothing is set yet, but it’s not off the table either. But shifting gears, you’re also known for playing Winston in Ghostbusters and there has been a that comes up online off and on about the first Ghostbusters vs. Ghostbusters II and which one is the better movie or the more classic film. What’s your take on that?

EH: With Ghostbusters one, I thought it was really quite original, and I think there was nothing of that sort of humor and it was scary and a little bit of all that, but Ghostbusters II, by the time it came out, it was five years after, and they had the cartoon show that was playing, and it had become part of the cultural psyche. So when new people were introduced to that one, it was a different audience. A lot of kids grew up with the cartoons and the second movie. I think the second movie is more family-friendly. In the first movie, that librarian is scary enough so it's a little bit more hard-cutting edge and I think the second one is more family-friendly and I think a lot more young people embrace that movie. It's a lot easier to digest. But older audiences tend to like the first one because it created that whole Ghostbusters phenomenon, and there was the song that was also a huge part of it and 40 years later, there are studios still building on that momentum so I think it depends on how you were introduced to the movie. Speaking of classics, you’re also going to be in the Quantum Leap reboot, right?

EH: Yeah, that’s another classic that I’m doing. Quantum Leap was a huge hit some years back in the 90s. Deborah Pratt and Don Bellisario created it for NBC. And this is 30 years later, and we're back. Quantum Leap is a machine that allows people to go back in the past and basically occupy another person's body, and I'm sure there’s a huge fan base for that. So we're doing it. It's going to premiere on September 19th. I'm really excited about that. But yeah, there are a lot of things going on in my world, but Family Business is always the fun thing.

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