'All The Queen’s Men': Sympathy For The Devil

In the aftermath of Trouble and Champ's arrest, the underbelly of crime in the city reveals intricate connections.

In last week's episode, Trouble and Champ are arrested during their set for the murder of Jack Watson. In their holding cell, they commiserate about Rayshon, who is on the run for the actual murder. They go back and forth about snitching on Rayshon, but the implication to their arresting officer is clear. Trouble calls in a favor, and once they're bailed out, Champ says he plans to get more money since Madam returned the bag they stole from Tandy. You'd think a night in jail would force them to take a break from crime, but this is Trouble and Champ we're talking about.

During tip-out, Big D tries to reconcile with Dime, but her attention has returned to Amp. Dime asks why Babyface's money is so low, and he says he gave Tandy a discount because she's mourning her dead husband. Madam tells him he can offer condolences without the discount. These people are ruthless! 

Fuego meets with Madam in her office. She wants to know what made him rescue Big D from the basement. Fuego explains that his hacker shared a live feed of the basement, and he was unsure if Madam was behind it. Later, Fuego is contacted again by the hacker, who has doctored footage of him shooting his girlfriend, Sandra. They threaten to send it to Sandra's family or the cops if he doesn't cooperate, but he refuses to be disloyal to Madam. He shares all this with the other senior dancers and Midnight tells him to keep his mouth shut.

'All The Queen’s Men': The Teflon Donna

Madam and Tandy offer mutual condolences over the deaths of James and Jack, but Madam's condolences only go so far, considering Jack Watson's kinks included sexual assault. Madam says she wants Tandy to take her dead husband's spot in the mayoral race. Tandy expresses doubts but goes along with it once Madam convinces her she can get the votes. 

District Attorney Rodds tells Casanova that Tandy is running for mayor and sees this as a good thing since she and Tandy are old friends. Rodds wants to use Tandy to take down Madam. She tells him to sort through any files and evidence he has on Tandy and Jack to clean up their image. On the other hand, Madam wants to use this as an opportunity to get Rodds out of the office. 

Who do you think has more leverage on Tandy—Rodds or Madam? Detective Davis seems to believe Tandy will be more useful to the DA. She also informs Madam the Concierge on his way back to Atlanta.

Tandy returns home to Babyface on her sofa playing video games. She shares that she's running for mayor. He can only think about the money and the new car he wants her to buy him. She wants to use the sympathy over her husband's death to appeal to voters and knows they won't take her seriously if she's spending money on a trick like Face. She later taped her campaign announcement, and this is when we learned that Tommy went to film school!

Big D shows up at Dime's house to make another appeal, but he turns her off since she thinks he's a killer. He tells her the murder was a stunt to fool Madam. She makes it final that she's done with him. When Amp later apologizes to Big D for his behavior and politely asks Big D to back off Dime, Big D says Dime is grown and can make her own decisions. Amp punches him out, nullifying any gentleman's agreement. 

At the end of the night, hooded thugs pull up on Fuego and jump him. By this point, I'm convinced it's the Concierge, not the cops, leaning on him. Midnight intervenes to help fight off the attackers. Fuego is frustrated by all the drama and is being pushed to the limit, but Midnight warns him not to turn on Madam no matter what. Just as Fuego remotely unlocks his car, the vehicle explodes. Let's see how loyal he remains after this!

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