10 Things To Know About The President And First Lady In Tyler Perry’s ‘The Oval’

Tyler Perry’s ‘The Oval’ premieres February 16th at 10:30PM.

In its first season, Tyler Perry’s ‘The Oval’ was the number one scripted series on cable. One of the biggest reasons for the success of this political drama is that we can't wait to see what President Franklin Hunter (Ed Quinn) and First Lady Victoria (Kron Moore) will get into next. Every week, their antics get messier and messier. They both lack a moral compass and are hell bent on destroying each other. We love to see it!

As season two is set to premiere, we expect President Hunter and First Lady Victoria to take their wild ways to the next level.  To catch you up to speed on all of the drama of The First Couple, we at came up with 10 Things To Know About The President And First Lady In Tyler Perry’s ‘The Oval’.

Tune in to Madea’s Farewell Play on Tuesday, February 16th at 8 pm PT/ET followed by the season 2 premiere of Tyler Perry’s The Oval at 10:30 pm PT/ET, only on BET.

  1. They Are Not The Obamas

    No one will ever mistake the Franklins for the Obamas. First of all, the Franklins don’t know anything about going high. They go lower than low. There is no line that they won’t cross, no boundary they won’t push to get their political or even sexual agenda accomplished. So if you are tuning in expecting Barack and Michelle, think again.

  2. They Hate Each Other. They Really Hate Each Other

    When episode one of the first season opens with a fistfight between the Franklins, we learn quick, fast, and in a hurry that the honeymoon is definitely over for this couple. When they fight, there are no rules. They seem absolutely disgusted by the thought of each other. What’s crazy is that this was all happening right before the President's Inauguration. They got dressed, cleaned up, and acted as though nothing happened. That’s just how the new First Couple gets down.

  3. As Parents…. They Are The Worst

    Who is raising these kids? They are so disrespectful, angry, and freaky as hell! Both President Hunter and First Lady Victoria will never have to worry about getting Father or Mother of the Year Awards. From the beginning, we learn that the loving parents they portray themselves to be in public is all an act. The reality is that they can’t stand their kids and their offspring keep the same energy with them. Gayle and Jason obviously get their evil and twisted ways from their parents.

  4. Their Relationship Status Is Complicated

    President Hunter and First Lady Victoria have a complicated relationship to say the least. It’s volatile as hell. From the mayoral office, to the Governor’s mansion, and now living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, these two have lied and manipulated their way into getting what they want and they plan on keeping what they’ve built even if their destructive ways cause everything to fall apart around them. They simply tolerate each other for the sake of political gain. Yeah…. It’s complicated.

  5. They Both Have Dark Secrets

    One recurring theme of The Oval's first season is that everyone is hiding some dark secret. Lord knows this is true of the President Hunter and First Lady Victoria. From sexual encounters that take place all up in the The Oval Office with the Secret Service guarding the door to whatever First Lady Victoria ‘s parents are holding over her, they are constantly trying to hide something from each other. But they are learning that someone will always be in your business at The White House.


  6. They Are Terrible To The Staff

    The way you treat the people who work for you says a lot about your character and of course, President Hunter and First Lady Victoria are severely lacking in this area. The First Couple make it so damn hard for the staff to do their jobs. Their demands are unreasonable and they rarely show any appreciation. They reek of privilege and entitlement. From the executive staff, the waitstaff, housekeeping, and even the Secret Service, President Franklin and First Lady Victoria treat those who work so hard to serve them and their children with contempt. They should be careful because that can backfire.

  7. First Lady Victoria Will Put Hands On You

    First Lady Victoria is a perfectionist to the highest degree. It’s just who she is. But another facet of her complex personality is that she knows how to throw them hands. In the first season of The Oval, Victoria is undefeated in kicking a$. She took on The President, beat his mistress Denise down in her own boutique, and she slapped the you know what out of Ellie, the new Press Secretary, right in the Oval office. Don’t let the pearls and white dresses fool you, Victoria will tap that chin if necessary.

  8. They Both Are Sex-Crazed

    The First Couple may not be attracted to each other anymore but that doesn’t mean they don’t still have needs. Intense needs. President Hunter is so wild that he brings his mistress Denise to The White House for some afternoon delight whenever he feels like it. Once, The First Lady caught him watching porn in mid-conversation through the reflection in his glasses. But it’s not just him. Victoria pursued Sam for the entire first season and is making his life a living hell as Priscilla keeps catching these two in compromising positions.

  9. Victoria’s Father Runs The Show

    The First Lady’s father turns out to be the true mastermind behind the Franklin's political dynasty. He’s been pulling strings behind the scenes in order to get his family all the way to The White House. While he hasn’t made his presence known yet, in his phone conversation with his daughter First Lady Victoria his power and influence are clear. And from the fear that subsequently came upon President Hunter’s face, the POTUS's father-in-law is not to be taken lightly.

  10. They Both Want Power

    President Hunter and First Lady Victoria have few things in common. However they both want power. The President wants the power to fulfill his sexual desires anytime he desires. First Lady Victoria wants political power and the economic power that comes with it. It’s safe to say that they both are drunk with power and their lives, their family, their administration, and even their fraudulent marriage are all falling apart because of their obsession with power.

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