Watch! These 5 Dads Have Become Natural Hair Experts Because Of Their Daughters

The bond between these men and their daughters is special.

From the moment that a baby girl comes into the world, her father can have an amazing impact on her life. From the first time she wraps her tiny little hand around his finger to the time he walks her down the aisle and beyond, this man’s presence, involvement, and character will help mold and shape her into the woman she will become. 

We’re finding that dads are bonding with their daughters on a WAY deeper level--by styling their hair. Whether dad is helping mom out because she has a lot on her plate or he’s a single dad, thanks to social media, we are finding that fathers are doing hair and enjoying it. 

Thanks to the hashtag #Dadsdohairtoo, we found quite a few fathers who have mastered the art of doing their daughter’s hair. From intricate pigtails to braids with beads, we’ve seen these dads master the art of styling natural hair, laying baby hair and all. 


“It was something I never imagined doing let alone enjoying and bonding deeper with my daughter,” said J.R. Rivera, a dad who styles his daughter Azariah’s hair. 

With New York, California and Rhode Island passing the “Crown Act," employers can no longer discriminate against women wearing their natural hair. Making society become more accepting of Black women and their coily tresses. 

Dad’s teaching their daughters to love their natural hair, along with events like CURLFEST celebrating Black beauty, girls today will grow up loving all of themselves, hair included. Girls who are close to their fathers exhibit less anxiety and withdrawn behaviors, higher self-esteem, have a rewarding career, have healthy spouse relationships, and truly live a happier life.

CURLFEST was born to be the change that was long overdue in the beauty industry: to flip the false narrative around unruly brown beauty, and create one that accurately showcases the glory of our crowns, the richness of our skin, and the joy of our culture. 

"Doing Asia’s hair is perfect bonding time for us! That’s what I enjoy mostly! Allows us to talk about things while getting her hair done," said Ice Mike Worthington, a father who has nearly 1.1 million Instagram followers from posting detailed video tutorial's styling his daughter Asia's hair. 

Here at BET, we wanted to highlight these fathers. We find that this love is truly something special and also inspirational to watch bonds between men and their children form over hair. These men take on the challenge with full enthusiasm. They know the best products to use so hair will retain moisture along with the proper hair ties, to ensure the girls don't experience breakage. 

See six cool dads who not only love but have mastered the art of styling their daughters' hair. They had the sweetest things to say about the bonding with their daughter's over hair.

(These interviews have been condensed and edited for clarity.)

CURLFEST will be held on Saturday, July 27 on Randall’s Island in NYC. For tickets or more info, click here.

  1. Ice Mike and Asia Worthington

    "I started years ago; approximately 4 years ago. I started doing Asia’s hair for myself and her. It seemed like it was the only thing that was missing from our daily routine. I wanted her presentable at all times. I’m sure ladies can understand, you feel more pretty when your hair is done and you're all dressed! So, in other words, I wanted to make her look pretty! Doing Asia’s hair is perfect bonding time for us! That’s what I enjoy mostly! Allows us to talk about things while getting her hair done." @icemikeloveasia 

    Photo courtesy of NetOurWorth

  2. Treach And Nala Breeze Hill

    "What started me on doing my daughter's hair was the passing of my own father. I lost him at the age of twenty-two. That made me want to be the best father I could be to my daughter, and cherish every moment I get to spend with her. If that means doing her hair for school, than that’s what we do. That became our quality time in addition to all the other fun things we get to do together." @breeze_n_dad

  3. Terry And Skye Lashley

    "I believe its my job to be her first impression of love. Through my demonstration of loving her and my beautiful wife, I’m teaching her self-respect, self-worth, decency and to respect herself and others. A father's love is priceless. In today’s society, many African American women don’t see their value. I will make sure all my little ladies know they are priceless balls of light in an often cold and dark world." @terrylashley_

  4. J.R. And Azariah Rivera

    "I started doing my daughter's hair because I became a co-parent. I fell in love with the opportunity to speak affirmations over her as I do her hair. At the end of me doing my daughter's hair, she always compliments it as, 'soooo pretty,' and says, 'thank you, daddy,' with a big hug. It was something I never imagined doin,  let alone enjoying and bonding deeper with my daughter. I also do my son's hair as well so it’s an experience my kids will be able to look back on and understand I was willing to learn a new skill and be outside of my comfort zone to help them look and feel their best. Dads will stop being just a warrior when it comes to the little woman they help create.” @_jrrivera

  5. Jeremi and Liberty Farrar

    "I started doing my daughter's hair about 5 years ago (she's 7 now), because I wanted to be the type of father that didn't need to depend on mommy or granny to do her hair if I needed it done. Like what if I needed to take her somewhere last minute like a doc app, movies, out to dinner, school in the mornings and they weren't around? My daughter would probably look a mess by the head. Lol, so, I took it upon my self to learn, and teach my self, and to show a lot of dads that doing your daughter's hair isn't feminine at all. It's a great bonding moment between a child and the father and it shows love... That you'll sacrifice any masculinity you have to be a softy for your child." @farrartwins2

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