Rachel Lindsay Finally Set A Wedding Date And Thinks Khloe Kardashian Should Seriously Consider 'The Bacherolette'

"I feel like she’s tried everything else, so why not try the show?"

Former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay may not be as stressed out as current Bachelor Colton Underwood was on this week’s episode of The Bachelor, but being America’s first Black Bachelorette, and now planning a dream wedding, definitely takes its toll on the skin. ICYMI, Colton literally jumped over a mega-tall fence after Fantasy Suite week didn’t go as expected. (Yikes!) Rachel, on the other hand, shared with BET the tried-and-true beauty brand that keeps her feeling and looking her best when she’s on edge.

The 34-year-old swears by Vaseline, which recently debuted its new Clinical Care line with extra-strength healing powers that combat even the most unlikely stressors, from falling in love on national television to planning a wedding Meghan Markle-style. BET caught up with Rachel about the stress she endured on her season, the wedding glam, and why she thinks Khloe Kardashian should definitely be the next Bachelorette.

(Photo: Courtesy of Vaseline/Edelman)

Courtesy of Vaseline/Edelman

(Photo: Courtesy of Vaseline/Edelman)

BET:  What affect did stressful moments during your season of The Bachelorette have on your life, specifically your skin, which inspired this partnership with Vaseline?

Rachel Lindsay: It’s funny because I lived a stressful life prior to The Bachelorette just being an attorney. Being the Bachelorette is a whole other level of added stress. I grew up using Vaseline products on my hands, feet and lips, so it’s always been a product in my [skin-care] regimen. Again, this was a new, added stress, so new problems were starting to arise. The constant traveling was totally drying out my skin. The lack of sleep… we’d interview all day. All the cameras in front of you.

As the Bachelorette, to manage your own emotions and then the emotions of 31 men, it just takes everything to a whole other level. I joke and always say it was like my mom was preparing me with Vaseline for this moment in my life. So it was very natural for me to carry those products while I was on the show. It really just came in handy because I would put Vaseline on my face [and] my feet at night. I would cover my body in the lotion, and it really helped me with the new stressors in my life.

B: Did you have any special requests during your season as far as glam goes, especially being the first Black Bachelorette?

RL: I, in true Rachel fashion, asked questions before I got there. On The Bachelor, we take care of ourselves. On The Bachelorette, you have someone that does your makeup. So it was important to me being the first Black woman in that role that they had someone who was familiar with working with women of color. And just not the way of applying makeup but the changes in our skin particular to our complexion. I used products that I already had prior and was receptive of some of the things [the makeup artist] had. She was equipped and ready to provide makeup and skin-care needs.

Makeup-wise, I definitely wanted to make sure that she matched my complexion properly. I’ve seen women on TV, [and] sometimes the neck doesn’t match the face. That’s something that we worked on, matching my complexion, prior to being on camera for everyone to see. It was also important for me to describe the type of skin I have, like where I’m oily or where I’m dry. I learned these things about myself during the process, too, but it was important for me to explain everything.

B: Any details you can share with us about your glam for the big day?

RL: I’m actually going to have the lady [Gina Modica] who did my glam for the show do my glam at the wedding. She and I are close. I want to go for a more natural look. Meghan Markle was very natural. I don’t know if I want to be [exactly like] that, but I really liked that she was very simple in her makeup.

On the show I was bolder, so I think I want to be more simple when it comes to my wedding. The boldest I’d be is maybe a red lip. Maybe. But that’s depending on how my dress is going to be. Now, I’m not going to have that kind of dress. I wasn’t a fan of [Meghan’s] dress but I really am taking a page out her book with the makeup.

B: How’s the planning for the big day going?

RL: I’ve never been the girl who had this ideal wedding planned or how I wanted it to look, so I did the smart thing and hired a wedding planner and he is taking… I can’t say he’s taking all the stress away from me because it’s definitely still there. I’m still me, so I still want my input, but it’s been extremely helpful [with] just the connections that he has and the ideas he has, things I didn’t think even about. He has me very, very excited. It’s bigger than what I wanted to be, but I’m extremely excited for what’s to come.

B: How big are we talking?

RL: We’re already at 150, and it was originally supposed to be 50 people! It’s like every day I think of somebody else ‘cause it’s hard when there’s so many different [people]. I’ll be 34 this year, so you can imagine the jobs I’ve had, the people I’ve worked with, the experiences I’ve had—the list keeps growing. It will be in a warm destination, somewhere in the Caribbean in August. Those are the only details at the moment that I’m giving.

B: Did anyone from Bachelor Nation make the cut?

RL: At the moment, I have said that there will be no Bachelor people at the wedding because it was a tight list, [but] I’m sure I will change my mind. Not that I don’t want them there. I want them there. It’s just a tight list.

B: What do you say to critics of the show who say it’s all fake and staged?

RL: When people say that, I say, I get it. If I had a child and the franchise was still going, which the way it looks it might be, I would be against my child doing it. I think that it is rare to get what I got with Bryan [Abasolo], and that’s why you see a lower success rate of couples on the show. I mean, the odds are against you. It’s hard [to believe] that you’re going to meet someone on TV and then it’s actually going to work and you’re going to make a commitment to spend of the rest of your life with this person. I get it. I get the naysayers.

And then a lot of the time, contestants do come on the show for the wrong reasons. Just to use Bachelor language, but it’s true. It’s hard to find somebody that has the same morals, the same goals and that you not only are attracted to but also connect with on all levels. It’s hard to find in the real world. It’s even harder to find it in the Bachelor bubble. But it’s possible, so that’s what I’ll leave it with.

B: Recently, rumors about Khloe Kardashian becoming the next Bacherolette were swirling around in the Twitterverse before she shut them down, but honestly, do you think Khloe should consider being on the show given her current situation in the press?

RL: I mean, I feel like she’s tried everything else, so why not try the show? I think you’d have a good crop of men, some for the wrong reasons like any lead on the season. But I think that different type of men would come to have the chance to pursue Khloe Kardashian, and so why not try it? I mean, it can work. It’s worked for me. I think I was a little shocked with how aggressively she said she wasn’t going to do it. But to each is their own. I get it.

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