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With appearances in high profile movies such as Soul Men, ATL and Idlewild, as well as indie features such as Love for Sale and The Magnificent Cooly-T, Jackie Long is as versatile as he is experienced when it comes to acting. Most recently, Long joined the cast of Let's Stay Together as Micah, the policeman who begins courting one of the single ladies on the show. caught up with the multi-talented thespian to get the scoop on his new role, his upcoming projects and his friendship with boxer Floyd Mayweather.
Tell us about your character Micah.

Micah is a police officer and very into his job. Like, he’s very all about police. He wants to be the top dog. He wants to be the action hero. He’s all about being a police officer hands down.

In this particular episode, he has a robbery scene that happened at the restaurant that he shows up to for a report. The rest speaks for itself. You might see something very interesting from Mr. Micah.

You’ve portrayed a lot of characters from Atlanta or were around casts that represented Atlanta (Idlewild). What is it that draws you to these particular characters?

First, I’m gonna basically say it’s definitely got to be my talent, because my talent speaks for itself. I don’t think it’s a man of this or man of that, I audition just like everybody else. It just so happens that I end up getting a role, and I thank God for this, but I don’t know what it is with me and Atlanta people. I love them a lot — I do have a certain thing for Atlanta people where I end up working with a lot of them.

To be honest, I love it because I love Atlanta people culture. It definitely started my career. I appreciate it and I hope I continue to do work in Atlanta. I’ve done so much stuff in Atlanta it’s crazy, so when you ask me that question it does make me excited because I’m walking up a ladder, it just keeps going. I appreciate everybody I worked with in Atlanta and hope we continue to do that.

We noticed on your Twitter page that you have a lot of pictures with Floyd Mayweather. How did you guys get so tight?

Floyd Mayweather is a big movie fanatic. This man knows every movie — he watches the best of all of the movies in the world. It doesn’t even matter what it is. It’s funny because there will be a movie I should’ve watched or should know and he’ll have watched it and be like, “Man you an actor, how have you never seen that movie?” Then it puts me on point because now it taught me, no matter what it is, I’ll go out and get a movie and just watch it and one day I’ll test him and be like, “Floyd you seen this movie?” Like I said, he’s a fan and he’s a big fan of ATL. He tells me, “That was your movie,” and I think his kids are big fans of it.

He used to have these big parties where he would just ball out. He used to invite celebrities to his functions and one year he invited me, and it was years ago. Ever since, we’ve been real good friends. He’s been like a brother, a father — a lot of things. I appreciate him. I love him as a friend more than anything in the world. That’s how we became friends and we’ve been tight ever since.

Are you guys going to be partying on May 5?

Yes, we definitely will. Actually, I can’t even say that, because Floyd’s the type of dude that it doesn’t really matter if he wins or loses. He’s older now, so he’s so much [more] focused. Last year after the fight we just chilled with his kids and just watched TV and had a wonderful time. [We] listened to music and just stayed up for two or three days. We didn’t go to no clubs, we didn’t go to no parties — we didn’t do nothing. Floyd’s the type of person that doesn’t do no alcohol, he doesn’t do no drugs. 

It’s funny as hell that you say this because if you ask Floyd, Floyd always says if we do that movie I’m a play him. All I could do is be thankful that coming from him, he’s telling me that, and just know that I stay doing top of the line work and paying attention to him. Because I know that day will definitely come and I appreciate it. Hands down, I would love to do that. That would be amazing. That’s all I got to say.

We’re guessing you’re picking him for the fight.

Don’t disrespect me, man [laughs].

What round do you have him winning in?

Man, honestly, Floyd the type of fighter that could take you out in any round, honestly, if he feels like it. You know he’s a crowd pleaser so you know he’s gonna please the fans a little bit. He’s gonna let this dude get a few hits because that’s what Floyd do, honestly, because he’s smart. At the end of the day, you know he’s gonna take him out whatever round that he feels he needs to. And if the dude start doing little head-butts or something disrespectful, it’s time for your ass to go. I’m sorry if I said that, it’s just how it is. I know how Floyd is. When you’re 42-0, there’s not much you can say about somebody. He knows what he’s doing.

What are some of your current or upcoming projects?

Just finished a lovely movie. It’s a Christmas joint called What She Wants. It should be coming out in November. I play a crazy, funny character. This movie — I’m glad I took it because I had a lot of doubts. I was like, “I’m not going to do this movie for this reason or that reason,” but you know I was very glad I thought about it and did this movie. Because I think it’s definitely going to be a classic and it’s a very lovely movie for kids.

I’ve been doing a lot of stuff in New Orleans. I teamed up with the Achievement Academy that has to deal with kids. It has to do with kids and academics and keeping their academics up in school. It’s a program where they go out to school, they learn, tutoring, they learn how to read and write, and all this major stuff. So what I do is I go out and teach them about going green and whatever the segment is that we’re having at the time, stop violence, whatever. And I’ll bring a celebrity friend with me that would have been through that type of situation, you know what I’m saying? And we come test the kids or whatever and I’ll come bring an entertainer or performer with me and they’ll sing a song and do a few questions. We just have fun. I been doing that [and] recording. So hopefully the world will see what I’m doing with my time off when I’m not acting.

And speaking of Floyd Mayweather once again, he and 50 Cent will definitely be producing this new movie called Tomorrow Today, my first action movie that I will definitely be starring in. We’re just trying to get the dates right. And we’ll definitely be doing that under 50 Cent and Floyd’s production.

I’ve been preparing myself for standup. I’m about to get started going on stage real soon.  You’ll hear about something really soon. I’m getting back to it. I’ve been doing my research and getting my writing back on. Like, y’all probably don’t know this, but I used to do this back in the day before I started acting. I’m about to get back on that.

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