'Sistas' Ep. 18 Recap: Broken Hearts And Broken Backs - Someone Else Gets Attacked

One of our faves is left for dead!

Things have officially escalated. As if one attack isn't bad enough, on tonight's episode of Sistasanother cast-mate is seen getting pummeled and practically left for dead.

Not to mention, Andi is left bruised, Morris is left beaten and Zac is left broken.... hearted that is. Meanwhile, the only person who seems to be having a good time is Dani (because yes, her cowboy has returned)!

Check out the suspenseful recap and find out what's happening now with Andi (KJ Smith), Karen (Ebony Obsidian) and Sabrina (Novi Brown) and Dani (Mignon Von).

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"I was attacked!"

During her malicious attack by Morris, Gary comes to Andi's rescue by running to her car and pulling Morris off of her. Gary and Morris get into a scuffle, in which Gary overpowers him. Andi shouts at Gary to get in her car, and suggests that the two leave the scene, but not before Morris warns Gary that he'll be sorry for attacking him. While in the car, Gary admits to Andi that he was following her, and reveals Jasmine's P.I. has a tracker on her car. 

Later into the episode, Andi shows up at Karen's house, and Andi asks her to accompany her to the police station to file a report on Morris. Morris also shows up to the police station, appearing to be dramatically worse off than how Gary and Andi left him. He is overheard telling an officer that he was viciously attacked, but if that's not strange enough, Jasmine, Gary's wife, is seen at the station, comforting Morris.


"Are we going to make it?"

Zac comes over to Karen's house to make amends, and to also figure out the status of their relationship. After Aaron leaves Karen and Zac to be alone, the two sit down on Karen's couch. To Zac's dismay, she reveals that she needs a man who listens to her more, and really "sees" her for who she is. In an effort to get to the point, Zac asks Karen if they are going to "make it," to which she doesn't directly reply to him. Instead, Karen advises Zac to take back his paychecks and look for another place to live.

In an effort to test Zac's listening skills, Karen asks Zac if he knows the name of her favorite house plant, to which Zac remains silent. When Karen leaves the living room, Zac answers the question to himself, saying that Karen named the plant after her grandmother, who gave it to her in college. He then mutters to himself "I do listen."

Just when things are looking bleak for Zac's love life, he meets an old friend - a woman officer - and the two appear to hit it off, while reminiscing about high school and their life.


"This is not how you get a girl."

Just when Dani thinks she us due for a solo night in, her favorite cowboy makes a surprise visit. After ignoring his text, Dani's new boo shows up at her house. Dani seems a bit apprehensive at the surprise appearance, but decides to let her guard down when he offers to cook her "steak and potatoes." During a discussion over a home-cooked dinner, Dani tells her new friend that his constant outreach was a turn-off, and advises him to consider cooling down on the calls and texts. Overall, the two finish up dinner and continue to have a conversation that appears pretty promising. Looks like there is still hope for these two!


"I can handle him."

Sabrina shows up to support Maurice and his performance at the club during drag night. However, things get weird when Maurice never shows up, but Calvin does... on the stage. While Calvin performs, Sabrina looks bothered, and leaves the venue.

Meanwhile, Maurice awaits his "date" outside of the bank where he and Sabrina work, dressed up in a blonde wig and blue dress. When the intended date arrives, it turns out that he is a homophobic monster, and proceeds to brutally attack Maurice, calling him all types of slurs, and telling him he makes all Black men look bad. The last time we see Maurice, he is left in the bushes. 

We hope Maurice will be okay! 


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