Exclusive: Romeo Miller Says He's Even More Focused And Driven Since Becoming A Dad

Bet spoke to him exclusively about his new role in 'Wrath: A Seven Deadly Sins Story.'

Romeo Miller is an actor, an entrepreneur, and comes from a lineage of trailblazers. As most of you know, his father, Master P changed the landscape of the music industry and taught the Black community the importance of ownership. 

BET spoke with Romeo recently about his role in the new Lifetime film, Wrath: A Seven Deadly Sins Story from executive producer T.D. Jakes’ anthology series Seven Deadly Sins. He plays a character alongside R&B singer, Michelle Williams, as her childhood boyfriend. In addition to acting, Romeo has a new role as father to his infant daughter 'Baby R' who was born in February. The actor dished on what he loves most about being a girl dad. 

See the entire interview below.

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 BET: You are playing Roger Thompkins in the new Wrath: A Seven Deadly Sins Story film, what about this character resonated with you?

Romeo Miller: Honestly, it was more about Michelle’s character over mine. I play the typical knight in shining armor but Michelle’s character is dealing with the heavy stuff and I felt like kids needed to see the ups and downs of someone navigating through what seems to be a perfect relationship. I tell people all the time, yes God knows what you want but the devil does too, so you have to pay attention and know the enemy could sometimes be disguised as everything you want. Overall, the entire cast of this film was truly amazing and bought each character to life.

BET: You’ve played many characters over the span of your career, so how do you prepare for roles such as this one?

Romeo: With any role, I just try to find the why. Why does this character view life as he does, why does he make certain decisions and why does he have this perspective on life. I do this with no judgment of every character. I think for Roger, most of the preparation was on the physical side since he’s a black belt. So a lot of hands-on training and diving into the martial arts world was the meat of it for this role. But I’ve trained in martial arts and boxing for over 12 years so it helped speed up the process while preparing for this film.

BET: You’ve been in the entertainment and music industry since you were a child, and are currently the owner of No Limit, so what is one thing you’ve learned about remaining relevant in this business for so many years?

Romeo: The funny thing is that I never try to stay relevant, my success has been in actually doing what you love and being grateful when you receive those blessings. It may sound cliche, but God has a funny way of rewarding us when we just do what’s right and are obedient. I’ve been blessed to have 20 plus years of success and experience in a business where it’s hard to navigate for just a year, I just know deep down God knew I would do my part and never take advantage of the blessings. But just like me, we all have a part to play in this thing called life, you just have to find your purpose.

BET: You’re a new dad, congratulations! What have you learned about fatherhood thus far? What are you enjoying most about being a girl dad?

Romeo: Thank you, thank you! Fatherhood is amazing, it’s the one thing I knew I wanted since I was a kid. Having a great example helps and I guess prepares you for it. I thought I was focused at first but ever since having my daughter, she’s made me even more focused and driven. It’s truly a beautiful feeling to know you have this little human that loves you unconditionally. I just wanna give her the world, so the first 20 years of success of my career will look like child’s play compared to what’s to come. I’m on a mission.

BET: Your father has dropped so many gems about entrepreneurship. We all love and appreciate him so much. What is one piece of advice your father has taught you that you take with you through life?

Romeo: I’m happy my father is finally getting his roses but I’ll always feel like it’s not enough compared to how much he changed the game and how many lives and careers he helped. I don’t think this generation truly understands that hip-hop would be totally different right now business-wise if there never was a Master P.  How many artists can you say that about? As Nipsey said, there should be statues of him. Most of my gems and advice from my dad actually come from just observing and watching. I was always a student of life and unlike most kids with super successful parents, I actually soaked up the game for myself as if I had nothing. I learned very early that even the most successful man in the room is only human, and who would be there for him/her. So I study and studied and learned as much as I could at a young age so I could be a valuable asset. With that being said, my favorite advice from my pops is, if they could do it, then why can’t we? It’s so simple but deep. It takes true belief in yourself to go towards what most are afraid of.

BET: What advice do you have for the next generation of young people who may want to break into the entertainment industry and don’t have the resources?

Romeo: My advice would be to not blame your circumstances or environment, we are all dealt certain cards, and like it or not we all have advantages and disadvantages. I think people forget that a big percentage of our millionaires and most influential are first-time millionaires of their family tree. So don’t be a prisoner of your environment, because anything is possible if you take accountability and start taking those small steps toward your dreams and goals. My family and pops are an example. My pop is a first-generation millionaire and I’m only a second-generation millionaire, you are closer than you think.

BET: You have done so much at such a young age, how do you remain motivated to continue to crush your goals?

Romeo: My siblings are a big motivation, especially Hercy and Mercy! They are the youngest but the most fearless. Seeing them chase their dreams inspires me even more. I mean to be star athletes in a family like this isn’t easy, it’s more hate than love but we push each other; iron sharpens iron. I've also seen death at an early age and escaped it many times. I think seeing your first cousins die in front of you as an 8-year-old really shapes you to realize that life is not promised. So a lot of my motivation simply goes to knowing that it’s a gift that I’m simply able to be here. Also the thought of thinking about the generational wealth that my pops and I are building for the next generations to come. Knowing that one day our family will be even more successful and reap the benefits of what we planted, and inspiring other families to do the same. That’s how we build up our communities and truly make a difference. We can’t take this with us, but we do have to get the money in the right hands so it goes back into the right communities, our communities. The more we make the more we give, that’s the motto.

This article has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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