Michael Rainey and Method Man Discuss The Premiere of ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ and The Acclaimed Series Becoming a Black Cultural Phenomenon

The hugely popular drama created by Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson and Courtney A. Kemp will end after a four-season run.

For three seasons, Starz’s Power Book II: Ghost has been one of the most captivating shows on television. Created by Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson along with producer Courtney A. Kemp, the series is the first spinoff from the “Power,” universe and has been a never-ending thrill ride since its debut in 2020.

In the series, Michael Rainey stars as Tariq St. Patrick who’s navigating life after his father’s (James "Ghost" St. Patrick) death. For three seasons, Tariq has been running a drug operation, while going to an elite college, managing his love life, and trying to avoid the pitfalls that caused his father’s demise. Eventually, Tariq becomes involved with the Tejada family, a crime family with deep ties to the underworld which adds to his troubles.

Coinciding with the 10th Anniversary of Power’s debut on Starz, the series will premiere in two parts. Part one airs Friday, June 7, and part two launches in September.

Rainey along with Method Man who plays Davis MacLean, a high-powered criminal defense attorney, spoke about the highly-anticipated series premiere and their connection as natives of Staten Island, New York.

“Working with Method Man is crazy because we are both from Staten Island. He grew up near my father in Stapleton and Park Hill,” Rainey told “I'm super cool with his sons, it’s like a full-circle moment. It's super dope.”

“We do have a Staten Island history. I used to see Michael at my son's football games every now and then. He was a very quiet, observant dude. I was like, ‘Yeah, he looks like an actor.’ That’s what actors do. They sit around and observe everything,” Meth added. “Not in a nosy kind of way. It's more or less like they're computing sh*t, analyzing it, and adding it to their database.”

During its run, Power Book II: Ghost has grown a loyal legion of fans. The show set a ratings record for the network with the season three premiere episode, pulling in more than 5.8 million viewers across several platforms. Rainey spoke about the series’ fandom.

“The love of the fans is crazy. When my character started building and doing all the mischievous stuff that everybody hated, there were people who were really mad at me [Laughs].They’re really invested in the show, it evokes their emotions, and I love it,” Rainey explained. “It’s just a compliment to what we're doing on the screen and I just became very appreciative of it.”

“I'm just excited for the fans to see this season because they've been asking us for so long,” he continued. “I've been feeling bad because I didn’t know but now we're back and this season is action-packed and full of plot twists.”

Although Tariq St. Patrick and Davis MacLean are tremendously flawed, Meth and Rainey both said that they see some good in their characters with their respective evolutions in each season.

“Outside of his relationship with his assistant, people weren't familiar with Davis's personal life and he never showed much emotion. But last season, they saw a part of Davis and the emotional state he was in and was like, ‘Where does he go from here?’ But you have to understand that he’s Black male with an ego. For the Black male ego, it gets to a point where you don’t have anything left,” Meth explained. “They should be very afraid of Davis not only because he has this secret, but he has no moral compass anymore.”

“Tariq rides hard for the woman and his family and that's something that I believe in for sure. He’s also big on loyalty and respect,” Rainey added. “I feel like after playing that character for 10 years, I was able to learn the real principles of respect and loyalty. Just reading the scripts and seeing what certain characters went through with each other helped me learn more about those values.”

In their final season, Rainey and Meth are looking forward to exploring other facets of their characters and looking forward to bringing  the excitement that their loyal fans have been waiting for.

“During the series, Tariq was always on the defensive side of things. He was always watching out for people coming for him. Now he's on the opposite side and people gotta watch out for Tariq. He's pressing buttons now,” Rainey said, “At the end of last season we started a war, so I look forward to a lot of crazy stuff happening. In episode one of this season we get straight into the action.”

“For me, once the suit goes on, it's a wrap. I'm the smartest motherf**ker in here. They put us in a space where we can really embody our character,” Meth said. “After doing the same role for four years, eventually, you pick up on certain things. I like to think that Davis has a nuance about him. He doesn't smell like a lawyer, but he definitely looks like one.”

As they prepare an epic final season, Rainey and Meth expressed their gratitude for being a part of such a successful show and also shared that their experiences in the series taught each a great deal, preparing them for success in their next endeavors.

“Throughout my time on the show I learned so much. 50 once told me, ‘You have to have a platform and you have to create your own content.’ That’s exactly what he does. He creates his own content and doesn’t wait for nobody and he owns everything,” Rainey said. “My goal is to get on that ownership level. Those kinds of conversations with 50 have really stuck with me and caused me to think outside the box when it comes to being a creator.”

“It's an honor to have been a part of the show. It’s great to know that my name will be mentioned along with all the cast members who came before me and after me, and that's a great space to be in,” Meth said. “So it's really an honor.”

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