‘Martin’ Reunion: The 5 Funniest Moments from Bruh Man

As the beloved sitcom turns 30, we look at how Bruh Man, one of its funniest characters, brought the laughs.

One of the funniest elements of Martin Lawrence’s classic TV show, Martin, is the zany characters. Martin as Martin Payne was obviously funny, and so was his crew of friends, Tommy (Thomas Mikal Ford), Cole (Carl Anthony Payne II), Pam (Tichina Arnold), and girlfriend Gina (Tisha Campbell). Also funny were characters that Martin played himself like Roscoe, Shenehneh, Mama Payne, Otis, and more. Finally, there were other characters that weren’t played by Martin who also helped to turn the comedy up a few notches. 

Case and point: Bruh Man from the fifth floor.

Bruh Man (Reginald Ballard) was Martin’s quirky and annoying upstairs neighbor who was devoid of boundaries. He had a thing for dropping by Martin’s place unannounced and helping himself to things in the apartment, especially “sammiches.” He never took the stairs or entered through the door. His method of entry was always the window and somehow, hot-tempered Martin never delivered a justifiable beat down. That’s probably because, how could you ever really be mad at Bruh Man?

Let’s take a look at five of Bruh Mans’ funniest moments on Martin.

  • Bruh Man Returns The CD Player

    One of the most classic episodes of Martin is the one where Martin thought someone stole his portable CD player. Martin terrorized his friends with petty investigation tactics trying to figure out which one of them may have stolen it. 

    Obviously, Martin’s friends would never steal from him but you know who would borrow something without asking? Bruh Man! We discover this when Martin’s hysteria reaches a fever pitch in a New Jack City-style scene where he’s walking around a table, where his friends are patiently dealing with his antics and accusations, with a fake rottweiler, demanding answers. 

    Eventually, they all end up arguing and almost miss the moment when Bruh Man climbs through the window to return the Discman.

  • Bruh Man The Stripper

    Bruh Man is mostly a nuisance to Martin, but that doesn’t mean other characters can’t get caught up in his shenanigans too. The best illustration of this is when Pam has a Bachelorette party for Gina. Pam pulled out all the stops to make sure Gina had a good time and even hired a stripper. 

    The stripper was supposed to surprise the group by jumping out of a giant package. However, signals got crossed in the hiring process because the stripper ended up being Bruh Man. They were obviously not happy to see him and told him where he could go. 

    He decided to leave through Gina’s window, because of course, but not before apologizing for eating up all the edible panties because he was hungry and they didn’t have any sammiches.

  • Whitty Hutton

    Martin found himself in between jobs at one point so he had time to kick it at home and watch soap operas with Bruh Man. Bruh Man and Martin end up getting the bright idea to sell t-shirts outside the Whitney Houston concert. 

    For some odd reason, Martin trusted Bruh Man enough to execute the creative vision for their t-shirts without double-checking the spelling. The t-shirts that Bruh Man got printed up for $10 a pop end up saying “Whitty Hutton” with a picture of Bruh Man in a wig on the front.

  • Bruh Man Ruins Thanksgiving

    Longtime Martin fans know that Thanksgiving has often been a struggle for the crew. One year Gina attempted to cook a turkey that ended up being so rare that it bled when they cut it open. 

    But there was also that time when the crew struggled through cooking a meal in a guys versus women situation and got so flustered after respectively struggling through the cooking process that they decided to go to the movies before dinner to unplug. 

    That was a bad move because they returned to the house only to discover Bruh Man in the apartment at the tail end of a gluttony tour. He ate all their food, but at least he invited them to his mom’s house for dinner, right?

  • Dreams and Nightmares

    There was that one wild episode where Martin couldn’t sleep because he kept having lusty dreams about Pam. Obviously, that was so disturbing that at some point, Martin decided to not go back to sleep. His constant waking up was getting on Gina’s nerves and he obviously didn’t want to tell her about what was happening in the dream, so he wandered into his kitchen only to find Bruh Man helping himself to a sammich. 

    Martin is annoyed but ends up ignoring Bruh Man’s overstepping of boundaries because he needed someone to talk to and Bruh Man delivered. Bruh Man shared that he sometimes can’t sleep due to bad dreams. The most recent bad dream was when he climbed through the window of a “fly ass crib” with a see-through refrigerator full of sammiches, but he couldn’t open the door so he just stood there and cried. 

    Oh, yes, Bruh Man cried.

    Starr Rocque is a Brooklyn, New York-based writer, and author, whose book, Bloggers Can't Be Trusted, is available for you to enjoy here!

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