'All The Queen's Men': Retribution and Double-Crosses

In episode eight, Rayshon gets his revenge on the Watsons as Fernando finally makes his move.

Madam has just received a call from Fernando with a threat against her father, sending her into a panic. She steals a car, and a high-speed chase involves cop units. Blue and Joey tail her. Joey checks with the nursing home's security detail to ensure Madam's father is covered. Blue seems suspicious of him. When Madam and Tommy rush to the nursing home, she tells Tommy to ditch the stolen car.

Madam finds her father safe and sound. She wants to take him home. He says he can't go with her because the FBI has eyes on him. He reveals an arsenal of automatic weapons under his pillow and sheets and says he has it all figured out. He tells her that his worry and concern can be exploited before she leaves.

Davis is harassed by a vagrant on her way home and books him because she's tired. When she gets behind the wheel, she realizes it's Casanova. She says she's been trying to reach him, but he couldn't risk calling her. He tells her that Madam knows he's undercover, but they don't know he has an informant working inside. Casanova tells her he used Big D to fake his death, and Tommy was so dumb that he believed it. Casanova insists he will take Madam down himself before leaving.

Davis gets a call about Tommy, who was just involved in the chase to the nursing home.

Outside the nursing home, Madam finds Tommy, who is cuffed for involvement in the car chase. Davis shows up and takes Tommy herself. They all convene in Madam's office, where Davis asks if Madam has considered her offer to turn over the evidence she has against her. Davis offers to let Tommy off the hook, but she wants money to help Madam. Madam doesn't trust her but hands her a stack of bills and sends her off with Doc. Madam says she doesn't want the info. But Davis says when she's ready, she can get it. Davis and Doc meet in the VIP room and have banter before they have sex again.

At the club, Rayshon gets a call from Tandy Watson, who tells him to come to her home. He says no. She says it's the only way to get the money. Champ and Trouble insist they go through with the plan because there's $125,000 at stake. Rayshon confirms Jack will be there. The three juniors come up with a plan. Champ tells Rayshon to draw a house layout so they know all the doors and windows.

Rayshon arrives at the Watson house. Tandy and Jack say they miss him. Rayshon wants his money but Jack stalls by offering a drink. They want his silence.

Two muscular men join them, and it's clear they want to assault Rayshon again, but Rayshon pulls a gun on them. Champ and Trouble immediately come in, masked and brandishing their own guns. Trouble pistol whips Tandy and asks where the safe is. Champ and Trouble drag Tandy out of the room while Rayshon trains his gun on Jack. Jack takes the gun from a nervous Rayshon, but the minute he turns his back, Rayshon beats him with a fireplace poker.

After confirming that Fernando is waiting at Blue's, she and Tommy decide to meet him there with their guns. Fernando demands to see Madam. Blue pistol whips his face. Madam and Joey join them. Madam doesn't appreciate him threatening her father.

Fernando cuts on the TV, where Madam's father appears locked into the guillotine.

Fernando says they're taking a plane to Mexico, where the Concierge is waiting. He has a button to drop the guillotine. Fernando asks Joey to take Tommy's weapons, confirming that Joey is on the Concierge's side.

Madam says her father encourages her to call bluffs. She pushes a grenade into his mouth. Tommy takes his hand, and Madam chops it off with a cleaver. He spits out the grenade, and it goes off.

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