'Sistas' Ep. 15 Recap: Aaron and Zac Come To Blows!

Zac and Aaron fight, as Aaron flips Zac over to the floor

'Sistas' Ep. 15 Recap: Aaron and Zac Come To Blows!

...and you'll never guess who won the fight!

PUBLISHED ON : FEBRUARY 12, 2020 / 11:55 PM

Written by Soraya Joseph

Babies, boys and brawls! Tonight's episode of Sistas was all about the "Brothas" and their ego clashes. On the latest episode, we see Andi (KJ Smith), Karen (Ebony Obsidian) and Sabrina (Novi Brown) go through the wringer with their love lives, while Dani's (Mignon Von) own personal life seems to be looking up.

Check out the recap below:

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  1. KAREN

    "When I walk out that door, I ain't coming back!"

    Still from BET's "Sistas" episode 115. (Photo: Charles Bergmann/BET/Tyler Vision, LLC)

    The -ish has officially hit the fan and fists have officially hit the faces! On the latest episode of Sistas, Karen and Zac's romance comes to an end (again), and things blow up after Zac finds Aaron at Karen's place. In last week's episode, tension between Karen and Zac escalated after it was revealed that Zac got another woman pregnant while he and Karen were on a break. Not to mention, after the suicide of Aaron's ex-wife, Zac's suspicions of Aaron and Karen's relationship only added more tension to the troublesome couple's ongoing list of problems.

    Well, it looks like the tension officially boiled over, as Zac and Aaron took out their frustration by way of a physical altercation. When Zac walks in on Karen and Aaron's conversation at her house, the two men come to blows, and start fighting. In the end, Aaron walks out, and Karen kicks Zac out of her home. Except this time, instead of begging for forgiveness, Zac tells Karen that this is the last time he'll ever try to win her back. 

  2. DANI

    "I need you!"

    Still from BET's "Sistas" episode 115. (Photo: Charles Bergmann/BET/Tyler Vision, LLC)

    While everyone else's love life seems to be going down, Dani's seems to be on the up and up. After meeting a handsome cowboy at her job, Dani goes on a date that ends with her and her new boo in bed. Unfortunately for Dani, Zac walks in on her in the middle of her bedroom rendezvous, saying he needs her, and ruins Dani's date night. After Dani's date dismisses himself, Zac tells Dani what happened between him, Karen and Aaron, and asks Dani for her advice.

    Dani, highly annoyed, tells Zac to leave her alone, and kicks him out of her bedroom, leaving him to crash on the couch. In the morning, the two have a talk about Zac's future (or lackthereof) with Karen.

  3. ANDI

    "Can I sleep with you tonight?"

    Still from BET's "Sistas" episode 115. (Photo: Charles Bergmann/BET/Tyler Vision, LLC)

    Sista, sista! Karen finds herself in the arms - and home - of her best friend Andi after the brawl between Zac and Aaron. After a much needed girls' night with Sabrina, Andi returns home to her apartment, only to find that she has an intruder. The plot twist is, that the intruder is actually Karen, asking for a place to stay so she can clear her mind.

    While the two friends have a slumber party, they discuss their men woes in bed, and offer up advice and support to one another. 


    "I thought, 'Finally! He met a woman that wouldn't judge him.'"

    Still from BET's "Sistas" episode 115. (Photo: Charles Bergmann/BET/Tyler Vision, LLC)

    Broken hearted and distraught, Sabrina goes to work at the bank, only to find that she has a surprise guest at her teller's window. Calvin's adoptive father drops by Sabrina's job and tells her about Calvin's past. It turns out that Calvin was adopted by his father and his husband after Calvin's mother, a nurse, passed away from cancer when he was just 11 months old. Calvin had been repeatedly beaten and bullied at school as a result of having two gay parents. Calvin's father begins to breakdown and cry, while telling Sabrina that he thought Calvin had finally found a woman who wouldn't judge him.


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