Was Evelyn Lozada Trying to Quit ‘Basketball Wives’?

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Was Evelyn Lozada Trying to Quit ‘Basketball Wives’?

If you can’t take the heat…

Published April 18, 2017

Evelyn Lozada's return to Basketball Wives was the (second) most-talked-about moment of the season premiere. While fans are thrilled the troublemaking reality star is back on the show, Evelyn herself had some serious doubts.

In fact, she tells HipHollywood.com that she nearly quit on her first day of filming.

Apparently, facing off with both Jackie Christie and Tami Roman in the first episode was too much for the newly drama-free Evelyn. “After the first day of filming, I text Shaunie [O’Neal] and I was like I’m not doing this. I quit,” she admits. “I did, I felt like that because it was a lot. page and it was a lot. Mind you, I had been removed from it for like four years. I was like, 'Oh my God.'”

Of course, the drama with Jackie to which Evelyn is referring has to do with Evelyn donating money to Jackie's daughter Takari Lee's crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for her son's medical treatment — something Jackie got severely dragged over on Twitter. As for Tami, well looks like she's still mad Evelyn slept with her ex Kenny Anderson way back in the day.

According to Evelyn, she wasn't sure she wanted to relive the past like that, but thankfully had a change of heart. “I was like nope, let me re-group. I signed on to do the show and I’m going to do it and I’m glad I didn’t quit after the first day,” she says.

But while we know Evelyn will stick around for this season of Basketball Wives, will it be a one-and-done? We know Evelyn has walked away before...

See what Tami had to say about Evelyn in our exclusive BET Live interview with the reality star, above.

Written by Evelyn Diaz

(Photo: Fortunata/Splash News)


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