The Entire ‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Cast Is At War And Everybody Is Choosing Sides

Black Ink Crew: Chicago

The Entire ‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Cast Is At War And Everybody Is Choosing Sides

This season is off to a crazy start.

Published June 1, 2018

Black Ink Crew: Chicago is back and it's off to a rough start.

9Mag owner Ryan Henry is embroiled in a feud with the staff at the shop after he allegedly destroyed all of the work stations and the 9Mag logo.

According to a police report obtained by the Chicago Tribune, Henry was caught on camera carrying a weapon into the shop and damaging property by a neighbor. Despite the claims, Henry has flat out denied causing any damage to the shop.

In light of the shop's destruction, the relationship between the 9Mag crew shifted drastically.

Here's a look at how things have played out:

  1. Van set the record straight about attempting to mend things with Ryan Henry and even announced the creation of their new shop Loyal Ink.

    To all of the dear fans and supporters out there I’m honestly just as confused as you all are after seeing multiple flyers roaming of a premier party, multiple DMs of people trying to figure out what the hell is going on so I will set the record straight personally. These premier parties usually are planned out between main cast members, we discuss everything ahead of time so they’re won’t be any miscommunication, our families have VIP seating, and personal friends of ours are generally on the guest list so everyone can be on one accord. I just called Don, Charmaine, Lily and Daniel was over my place this past weekend and they all agreed they were NOT participating and doing they’re own thing this year due to bullshit that’s been going on period. I’ve personally reached out to @ryanhenrytattoo to talk it over and make it make sense to be around each others friends family etc. NO ANSWER yet I’m still on a flyer along with 5 other prime cast that won’t be there, personally I would love to come show face and party with all of you because as viewers you all are the reason we’re here, thus far you’re the reason we have a season 4 grossing millions of viewers. I haven’t spoken with anyone to resolve this idiotic situation nor did I agree to this final location/flyer, IF I HAD ANY COMMUNICATION TO DO THIS THE CORRECT WAY I SWEAR TO YOU I WOULD DEFINITELY BE HERE, I ONLY WANT THE BEST FOR LOYAL INK AND 9MAG, THESE SHOPS SHOULD SHOW GROWTH, NOT A DIVIDE IN WHAT WE ALL CREATED AS YOUNG BLACK ENTREPRENEURS, ITS SO MUCH MONEY TO BE MADE WHEN WORKING TOGETHER THAN WHEN APART AND IN MY LIFE NOW IM FOCUSED ON THE THINGS THAT I CAN CHANGE VS THE THINGS I CAN NOT, I DO NOT HAVE BAD BLOOD WITH RYAN HIS FAMILY OR FRIENDS BECAUSE WHEN I SEE THEM THEY SHAKE MY HAND BECAUSE OF RESPECT, THIS SOCIAL MEDIA SHIT CAN HAVE YOUR MINDS TWISTED FROM WHAT GOES ON IN REAL LIFE. IN CLOSING I WILL BE WATCHING THE SHOW IN MY HUMBLE ABODE SAFE AND SOUND, AND IF THE SMOKE CLEARS BEFORE TOMORROW EVENING I WILL SEE YOU AT BOTH PREMIERE PARTIES, PEACE AND LOVE #BLACKINKCHICAGO #LOYALINK #CAITATTOOS #CHICAGORILLA #SEASON4 #GETMONEY

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  2. Black Ink newbie, Lilly proudly repped Loyal Ink.

  3. While the lines were drawn, Phor let it be know that it was all love between him and Ryan.

  4. Ryan followed suit with a simple message of solidarity for Phor.

    Rock Solid is Rock Solid... @phoreverim no questions asked ever. #NMOLX9M

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  5. One cast member that was noticeably was Kat. After the drama of last season, Kat moved back to LA and is gearing up to open up her own tattoo shop.

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