Bill Cosby Has A Warning For Harvey Weinstein

Bill Cosby Has A Warning For Harvey Weinstein

The disgraced mogul plans to dish out $44 million to settle multiple civil suits.

Published May 25, 2019

Bill Cosby is speaking out when it comes to Harvey Weinstein being able to negotiate a global deal to reach settlements with the women who accused him of sexual assault. It was reported that the disgraced film producer and the former board of The Weinstein Company plans to pay $44 million to settle multiple civil suits against him along with the New York State Attorney General.

According to The Blast, sources close to the legal team have informed them that this settlement can be a big win for Weinstein because it will be harder for the prosecution to gain testimony from accusers during his criminal trial if they have settled.

The settlement will more than likely include some sort of confidentiality agreement which would bar any of the women from discussing their allegations, and would most likely prevent their cooperation with the prosecution.

When The Blast had the opportunity to speak with Cosby, he spoke about the settlement that he made previously with Andrea Constand, who accused him of rape. In 2006, Cosby and Constand made an out-of-court settlement that totaled $3.38 million. She later broke the agreement when she pursued criminal charges against Cosby in 2015.

“I was given a promise, waived my 5th Amendment Rights and settled out of court with Andrea Constand for $3.8 million dollars,” says the jailed comedian. “She was able to get a second bite of the apple, please tell me – is this Un-American or not?”

Many people online are reacting to the settlement, especially those who feel that Cosby was not given the same treatment as Weinstein. However, Weinstein’s criminal case is still pending.

Cosby also noted, “Good that Mr. Weinstein has an ethical judge, who rules based on the law, not personal agenda and/or political aspirations.”

He also feels that Judge O’Neill did not try his case fairly stating, “My lynchers, Judge O’Neill and Kevin Steele, have shown the true color of their uniforms, a white sheet.”

Cosby has been petitioning to be released from custody at SCI Phoenix in Pennsylvania but to no avail.

Like many of the memes have laced social media since his arrest, Cosby shares how he really feels about the “system”. He feels that his conviction was just an effort to “take down every Black successful man in these United States.”

Written by BET Staff

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