Wendy Williams Apologizes After Backlash For Gay Men Will 'Never Be The Woman That We Are' Remark

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Wendy Williams Apologizes After Backlash For Gay Men Will 'Never Be The Woman That We Are' Remark

The talk show host said she would ‘do better.’

Published February 14th

Written by BET Staff


Wendy Williams issued an emotional, rare apology for offending members of the LGBTQ community a day after making comments on her daytime talksho show about gay men, saying they will "never be the woman that we are. No matter how gay."

She contritely took to her Instagram account to explain to her fans that she was wrong for the comments and that she would “do better.”

“I didn’t mean to hurt anybody’s feelings,” Williams said. “I’m just having a conversation. If you know me long enough, then you know bon vivant, I don’t know what that means but in my mind it means ‘live and let live’ (It actually refers to a person who enjoys a luxe lifestyle), and I live and let live every day, life is too short.

“I’m 55 years old and maybe I sounded like your auntie, your mother, your big sister or somebody out of touch,” Williams said. “I’m not out of touch except for perhaps yesterday by saying what I said. So I deeply apologize and I deeply appreciate the support that I get from the community. I will do better. I appreciate you supporting me.”

Although the original comments brought broad calls to “cancel” Williams. Others viewed her apology and offered forgiveness.

Check out the original story below:

Daytime talk show diva Wendy Williams is being slammed on social media for her criticisms of gay men that many in the LGBTQ are calling homophobic and closed-minded.

On a February 13 episode of The Wendy Williams Show, Williams snapped on a man who clapped while she was talking about Galentine’s Day, which is a way for women to celebrate other women in their lives on Valentine's Day.  

"If you’re a man and you’re clapping, you’re not even a part of this," she started. "You don’t understand the rules of the day. It’s women going out and getting saucy and then going back home. You’re not a part. I don’t care if you’re gay. You don’t get a (menstruation) every 28 days. You can do a lot that we do, but I get offended by the idea that we go through something you will never go through."

She then continued through applause, “Stop wearing our skirts and our heels.... Looky here now, gay men, you’ll never be the woman that we are. No matter how gay."

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Although her audience laughed and cheered, Williams received major backlash online over the comments, with critics calling them “hateful” and bashing her opinion as “ignorance.”

Others were angered because many in the LGBTQ community have been some of her biggest fans.

Later on in the show, Williams doubled down on the comments saying, "So, you know, I tell you every day, and I mean this, and I'm going to keep drilling it in your mind: It is so scary coming out here and sitting here by myself with my loose mouth and my slick humor," Williams said. "And, you know, I'm by myself. I can't blame anybody but me."

"I say it, and I mean it," she said.

Although heavily criticized for what she said, Williams did garner some support.

But Tan France from Netflix’s Queer Eye was one of those offended by Williams’comments and defiantly went to Instagram with the hashtag "#GayHeelsForWendy."

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Still, Williams is no stranger to controversy as this is only the latest. Several weeks ago, she was being slammed for criticizing Beyonce and Jay-Z for not standing while Demi Lovato sang the national anthem to open Super Bowl LIV.  

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