Roommate Suspected In Death Of Kenyan LGBTQ Rights Activist Edwin Chiloba

His decomposing body was found on the side of a road.

LGBTQ Rights Activist Edwin Chiloba’s Decomposing Body Found On Kenya Side Road

Motorcycle taxi operator reported to police seeing a box being dumped by vehicle with no license plates.

Colorado Mass Shooting Leaves Five Dead, 18 Injured At LGBTQ Nightclub

The 22-year-old shooter has been identified as Anderson Lee Aldrich.

Hampton’s Byron Perkins Becomes First HBCU Football Player To Come Out As Gay

‘Authenticity Is Everything To Me’ said the junior defensive back in an Instagram story.

Black Girls And LGBTQ Youth Are Experiencing High Rates Of Suicide, According To Study

Researchers are ringing the alarm.

R&B Star Tevin Campbell Opens Up About His Sexuality

“When I came out to my family and friends [at] about 19 or 20, that was it for me. And then I went on the road of discovering myself.”

Dave Chappelle Emmy Nomination Will Reportedly Recieve A Strong Reaction From Transgender Community

The details on the plan of action is currently tight-lipped according to Ashlee Marie Preston, organizer of the viral Netflix employee walkout following ‘The Closer’ premiere.

Rhode Island Senator Tiara Mack Remains Unbothered After Fallout Over 4th Of July Twerk Video

The brilliant politician also took to Instagram to sound off on respectability politics and the faux outrage, calling it “tacky.”

Jerrod Carmichael Reacts To Dave Chapelle’s Comedic Style When It Comes To The LGBTQ Community

“It’s an odd hill to die on,” he says in an interview with ‘GQ Hype.’

Avery Saffold Reveals How He Used His LGBTQ Journey To Shine On And Off The Field As A College Football Player

As part of the NFL Honors, the former Amherst College defensive back will be recognized. But his journey is one he hopes will send a positive message.