Shawn Wayans Shuts Down Conservatives Who Say 'White Chicks' Is Racist

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Shawn Wayans Shuts Down Conservatives Who Say 'White Chicks' Is Racist

He also talked about a sequel to the 2004 comedy.

Published December 10th

Written by BET Staff

Whenever the topic of blackface resurrects back in the news, the talking point from conservatives is typically, “What about White Chicks!” The 2004 comedy blockbuster, starring brothers Shawn and Marlon Wayans, features their characters going undercover as white women to solve a crime. Shawn has had enough of the insincere outcries of racism about the film and wants to shut it down once and for all.

While on SiriusXM’s Urban View The Clay Cane Show, 49-year-old Shawn Wayans was asked about conservatives who attempt to say the film was racist because they were playing characters who were undercover as white women, “I think then they shouldn't watch the movie. It's not for them.”

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He continued, “White Chicks isn't racist. It's a buddy cop comedy where two men are pretending to be white girls to take down a kidnapper. If you look at White Chicks, the jokes is on African-American culture. So how is it racist? All the punchlines is us making fun of us in situations where white folks is around. It's not us making fun of white people.”

As for a White Chicks sequel, which has been rumored for years, Wayans said, “That's something that we talk about. We've been kicking it around for a while. It might happen, but nothing is happening during this quarantine, during this COVID. I think after the quarantine and everything's done, I could see us trying to pull that off. We'll see.”

Watch a clip of the interview below: 

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