Madea’s Top 5 Fights

Madea’s Top 5 Fights

Madea’s Farewell Play Airs On Tuesday, February 16th at 8 pm.

Published February 15th

Written by Rashad Grove

If you didn’t know, Mabel “Madea” Simmons wants all the smoke. She plays no games and doesn’t have time for anyone’s foolishness. The slick-talking Grandma has a reputation for not taking mess from anyone. It could be family, friends, strangers, ghosts, the police, she doesn’t discriminate. Anyone can get it. If you want to try her, take this piece of advice: Proceed with caution.

Since Tyler Perry introduced the world to Madea, in each stage play, show episode, or film, she, without fail, does something wild to someone else. It is almost as if she can’t wait to throw those hands. When you combine a short temper with a 6 foot 5 inch frame, explosive encounters are to be expected.

To show you just how much Madea is about that life, we at came up with The Top 5 Madea Fights. Protect yourself at all times!

Tune in to Madea’s Farewell Play on Tuesday, February 16th at 8 pm PT/ET followed by the season 2 premiere of Tyler Perry’s The Oval at 10:30 pm PT/ET, only on BET.


    In one of the most memorable scenes in Tyler Perry’s film debut Diary Of a Mad Black Woman, Madea showed everyone why she is a straight-up gangster. When her niece Helen (Kimberly Elise) and Charles McCarter (Steve Harris) are in the midst of an ugly break-up, Madea decides to head over to their residence to collect half of everything that her niece is owed. As only Madea can, she pulls out a chainsaw and starts cutting a chair in half! As they run out of the house, Madea smacks Charles’ new woman Brenda (Lisa Marcos) upside the head. Classic Madea!


    You can be old or young, it doesn’t matter. Madea can’t wait to settle some beef. In Madea’s Family Reunion, she let a young boy have it. After Nikki (Keke Palmer) tells Madea that the kids on the bus were talking to her sideways, Madea knew what she needed to do. She went on the bus and dared anyone to bother Nikki again. A brave boy yells out “Shut up old lady!” and all hell breaks loose. Madea grabbed said boy up and gave him a beat down in front of everyone. She even quotes Sofia from The Color Purple! As she leaves the bus, she looks at the boy and says, “I’ll see you at 3 o’clock.” Now that was a boss move.


    Madea doesn’t care about the Po-Po! In Meet The Browns, Madea is on a high-speed chase with a bunch of cop cars and helicopters pursuing her. After running out of gas, the cops approached her for an arrest. But Madea wasn’t having any of that. She starts beating the cops down and it takes a few of them to finally bring her down.


    We know that Madea will fight anybody but if you cross her, she’ll fight your car too. In Madea Goes To Jail, all Madea wanted to do was get a parking spot and go into K-Mart. But a “Karen” who’s railing her with road rage, drives past her, takes her spot, and kept moving like nothing happened. You know good and well Madea wasn’t gonna stand for this. Madea gets a crane, picks "Karen's" car up, and throws it down! Even cars are not safe when Madea is ready for that action.


    To remix the words of Ray Parker Jr., “Madea ain't afraid of no Ghost.” In a hilarious scene in Boo! A Madea Halloween, Madea is investigating an attic in a haunted house. She notices that a grotesque looking clown seems to be following her. When she turns around and discovers that the clown was indeed real, she swung on him and knocked him smooth out. Get that clown outta here!

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