Here's Why the Game Wants to Fight Meek Mill

Here's Why the Game Wants to Fight Meek Mill

"When you see me n***a, square up," Game states.

PUBLISHED ON : SEPTEMBER 16, 2016 / 10:15 AM

Now that Game’s ended his beef with 50 Cent he’s looking for a new target. Apparently he most recently has taken issue with Meek Mill.

Meek, who’s also been low-key beefing with 50 as well, was the recipient of Game’s barrage of negativity during a recent show the Compton rapper performed at in Miami.

“I just wanna beat that n***a ass for a good time,” he says. “When you see me n***a, square up. It don’t gotta be about no guns, n***a. F**k Meek Mill.” It’s uncertain as to what started the beef. Game did debut a new song called “I Never Heard of That”, which contains the line, “Meek Mill not snitching on me, I never heard of that.” Maybe that has to do with it.

Regardless, the Philly rapper hasn’t officially responded. In an Instagram post surfacing shortly afterward, he posted a pic with the caption, “We ain’t rapping fan handle ya biz……… I love this s**t lol.” Hmmm.

Game recently collaborated with Drake, so it’s a fact whose side he’s on in that bout. Check out what Game had to say about Meek Mill below.

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We ain't rapping fan handle ya biz......... I love this shit lol

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Written by Paul Meara

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