50 Cent Is Going at It With His Ex and His Oldest Son Again

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50 Cent Is Going at It With His Ex and His Oldest Son Again

Shaniqua Tompkins's house got foreclosed apparently.

Published October 18, 2016

50 Cent’s relationship with his baby mama and their son, Marquise, is troubling to say the least.

They’ve been caught fighting publicly so many times, it’s pretty much common knowledge that Fif strongly dislikes both. More recently, the two parties were fighting again on social media.

Yesterday, 50 Cent took to Instagram and posted a pic of news that Shaniqua Tompkins’s home was going into foreclosure and the caption, “Hate to say I told you so, but I told you. Over and over go to work, this is real life. Good Luck !!!”

Later, his son Marquise hopped on the social media site and sent out a message revealing that he’s still doing good among all the rumors surfacing about his family. “I appreciate all the love & well wishes!” he captioned under a pic of himself. “There's people I never met that show more love than people that have the same blood as me, and I just want to say thank u to those who do.”

50 Cent then decided to rail against his baby moms again, who had a petty message about his other son, Sire. “See this why if this b***h got hit by the Q11 bus and it dragged her, I would get out of my Bentley and ride the m*****f***er 2 stops,” he wrote. “LMAO He is going to a school connected to Hunter college, because he is advanced B***h he is 11 years old in the 8th grade. just facts. #WhereYouLivingNowMyN***a LOL.”

When will this end? Knowing how petty Fif is, probably never. Check out what went down below.

Written by Paul Meara

(Photo: Brian Ach/Getty Images for STARZ)


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