Bars: Shia LaBeouf Sends Shots to Drake in His 'Sway in the Morning' Freestyle

Bars: Shia LaBeouf Sends Shots to Drake in His 'Sway in the Morning' Freestyle

The actor is outrapping some of today's rappers.

Published November 11th

While Shia LaBeouf's diehard fans may have already known the actor has occasionally been known to drop a bar or two, many were shocked when an appearance on Sway in the Morning showcased just how incredible his rapping talents are.

Earlier today (November 11) LaBeouf dropped by the radio show and absolutely came correct when he was challenged to take on a "5 Fingers of Death" freestyle.

After answering several questions about his Tupac and Missy Elliott tattoos, the actor then tried his hand behind the mic. Even host Sway Calloway was impressed, later writing on his Twitter, "Yo!!! Who knew #ShiaLaBeouf was a HYENA?!!"

During his freestyle, LaBeouf comes for both Drake and Lil Yachty, who just may be left with no choice but to fire back.

“It’s trash rap in October,” LaBeouf spits. “Who wrote what for who? It’s all so below par / Substandard / Used to be a litmus / If you didn’t write your own s**t, you got dismissed.”

While he doesn't mention Drizzy by name, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to connect his freestyle to be a knock at the rapper.

He then dives into firing a shot at Lil Yachty, and this time refers to him by name.

“Where did spitters go?” he continues. “Garbage litter s**t they wrote / Miss me with that Lil Boat / ‘Cause bigger individuals / Committed to these principals / Is living on they tippy-toes / Sinking with a hippy’s hope.”

While many are reacting on social media to the undeniable fact LaBeouf's got bars, some are even going as far as to say the actor is "outrapping" some of today's artists.

Perhaps this just might inspire an album, further proving 2016 to be one of the most interesting and weirdest years for rap music, period.

Take a look at Shia LaBeouf's freestyle in the clip below.

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photos from left: Chris McKay/Getty Images, Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)


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