Watch: Meek Mill Responds to Claims He Robbed Nicki Minaj

Watch: Meek Mill Responds to Claims He Robbed Nicki Minaj

The rapper has one question for his accusers.

Published February 4, 2017

News broke earlier this week that Nicki Minaj's Los Angeles home was burglarized and ransacked with thieves making off with $200,000 worth of her belongings. In addition to the theft, some of her designer clothes were also cut up, leaving many to believe the attack was personal.

This led some to pointing fingers at her now ex-boyfriend, Meek Mill. However, the rapper set the record straight with TMZ in a very "original" way.

The TMZ cameras caught up with the rapper as he left Life nightclub in Houston on Friday night and when asked if he was responsible for the robbery, he grabbed the layered diamond chains around his neck before asking, "Do I look like I rob people?"

When the paparazzo went on to ask if he still talks to his superstar ex, Meek shot him down, saying, "You're asking too many f*****g questions about my personal life."

Take a look at the video, below:

Get the rundown on the burglary in the BET Breaks video, above.

Written by Moriba Cummings


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