Future Explains His Lengthy Break From Social Media

ATLANTA, GA - JANUARY 19 : Rapper Future is spotted at the Gold Room on January 19, 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia. Photo By Prince Williams/Wireimage)

Future Explains His Lengthy Break From Social Media

The reason behind his hiatus makes a lot of sense.

Published February 16, 2017

This upcoming weekend is definitely going to be lit, or at least soundtracked well, thanks to Future releasing a new self-titled album tomorrow (Feb. 17).

While the rapper has traditionally kicked off each new year by releasing new music in January, this year he wanted to take his time. Not only that, but he also decided to drastically wipe clean his Instagram and mysteriously disappear for awhile. Now that the rapper is slowly returning to the spotlight and opening up about the process, Future's hiatus from Instagram certainly makes a lot of sense.

In advance of his album dropping, Future sat down with Zane Lowe to discuss all the details and catch his fans up regarding his absence from social media.

"It was probably the best thing I’d ever done," Future admits during the conversation. "I’m just not giving it attention. I want to give the music attention and be in the studio. I want to give all my attention to my music, my kids, my family so I just wanna focus on certain things besides social media."

He also opened up about his very public breakup with Ciara, explaining that he's realized many have been wondering, "'Can he bounce back from his relationship when his relationship was the focal point of his career?'"

Now that he's listened to fans' feedback and is fueled by the idea he has something to prove, there's no better time for him to release the music he's interested in making, this time marking the return of his alter ego, Future Hendrix.

"Now is the time, two to three years they weren't ready," he explains. "They wanted Future, they wanted 'Real Sisters' they wanted me to be the ratchet-est and say the most disrespectful s**t. And I understand that’s what music is, it makes you feel different kinds of ways."

Looks like Future will be taking a page out of Big Sean's book with this next release and will be "bouncing back" in order to get to where he wants to be again. He also shares that his year ahead will be determined by his fans, so #FutureHive take note: he'll be paying attention more now than ever before.

Listen to Future's full sit-down with Zane Lowe below.


Written by KC Orcutt

(Photo By Prince Williams/Wireimage)


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