Meek Mill and Game Are Still Going at It...

(Photo from left: Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images, Rob Kim/Getty Images)

Meek Mill and Game Are Still Going at It...

Shots fired yet again.

Published March 1, 2017

MMG’s Philly rap star Meek Mill seems to still be throwing subliminal shots at his former girlfriend and Young Money femcee, Nicki Minaj, following a hailstorm of a diss track from her rap nemesis Remy Ma.

But after Game left no room for sub shots and officially loaded up a lyrical clip of his own aimed directly at Meek, the Dreamchasers founder still has some war territory of his own to be concerned with. 

Taking to Instagram, the Compton-native penned a mouthful of bars for Meek Milly, piling up everything from his lavish jewelry spending habits to foul play against Nicki.

“N**gas is [clowns], say he gonna f**k my baby mama with a mask on,” Game spits in the caption. “Would f**k his baby mama, her p**sy got a rash on it/ Heard she been f**ked by every n**ga in Philly, stealing Bo Starks lifestyle and rapping like Gilly.”

The savage line comes in swift response to a video posted by Meek after he caught wind of Game’s official address to him in support of Ms. Minaj. Among accusations that Meek had even went so far as to have Nicki’s L.A. crib burglarized, Game condemned his petty social media behavior in which Meek was found double-tapping posts that bashed Nicki in the midst of her feud with Remy. In the response video to Game, Meek and his Dreamchasers running mate Omelly, who is hidden in a ski mask, shrug off The Documentary rapper’s gripe.

“You gotta be a weirdo to write all that sh** about another man,” Omelly says in the video. “And it’s b**ch sh**. You in the middle of some — man, get the f**k out of here you weirdo.”

Chiming in from the background, Meek can be heard saying, “we’re gonna f**k his b**ch,” as he tauntingly sings a hymn about being familiar with the mother of one of Game’s children, and how she’s been itching to “get back” at him.

Let’s hope the men can keep their differences in the diss tracks and nothing more.

See Game’s latest pen work for Meek Milly below. 

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo from left: Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images, Rob Kim/Getty Images)


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