Chris Brown Reveals the Full Story Behind Canceling His Fight With Soulja Boy

Chris Brown Reveals the Full Story Behind Canceling His Fight With Soulja Boy

He says the situation isn't funny anymore.

Published March 6th

Now that Chris Brown and Soulja Boy's once highly anticipated celebrity boxing match is no longer happening, one of the two involved parties is no longer interested in talking about it. (Spoiler alert: it's not Soulja Boy.)

While Soulja is still commenting on the fight's rise and fall, continuously blasting Breezy for not signing the proposed contract, the R&B singer has come forward with one final statement regarding the matter.

"No need for me to disrespect this person any further," Brown begins, responding in the comments section to a recent video clip of Soulja Boy speaking on Brown's name. "He's hyped up as well as the issue."

From there, Breezy dives into his side of the story, as well as explains why he won't be talking about it any further.

"The opportunity to embarrass and do harm to him isn't even funny anymore," he continued. "I backed out of the public fight because the money/location and the fact that the real promoters were spooked by 'GANGMEMBERS' who wanted to profit off of it. No charity and no point in going through wit it."

From there, Brown also detailed one thing that Soulja Boy has yet to discuss.

"I set up a private gym and he didn't show up," Brown concludes. "So. There is nothing more to say. It's not gone happen and we really know the truth here. Love."

Well said. Take a look at Chris Brown discussing the canceled boxing match between himself and Soulja Boy in the screen grab below.

Written by KC Orcutt

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