Trey Songz Has Words About Nicki Minaj

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Trey Songz Has Words About Nicki Minaj

It's all love though.

Published March 24, 2017

Virginia’s R&B heartthrob Trey Songz hasn’t been on the lighter end of controversies as of late, namely when he and his longtime industry collaborator Nicki Minaj bumped heads over Remy Ma’s anti-Barbie “shETHER” track.

Now that the majority of the smoke has cleared from their tiff, Trigga Trey still has a few thoughts about Ms. Minaj that he got off his chest with the trio of The Breakfast Club. 

Dropping in on the morning radio show with all smiles and good vibes, Charlamagne Tha God pivoted into the conversation by asking Trey if The Pinkprint raptress ever apologized for what could have just been a mere misunderstanding.

“No she hasn’t, she hasn’t,” he responded. “And Nicki, I love you.”

To jog memories a bit, Songz was on the receiving end of Nicki’s hostility surrounding the diss track after she claimed he “indirectly” complied with Remy Ma’s claim that the two had been sexually involved. Due to what she felt was his lack of shutting down the false claims, she called him out in now-deleted tweets questioning his “real n**ga status” for not stepping up against the allegations. And if they’re talking numbers, she added that she also gave him six plaques for her assist on his 2010 smash hit, “Bottoms Up.” This, apparently, didn’t sit well (or accurately) with Trigga, however.

“And Nicki said she gave me six plaques, but let’s keep it real: Nicki ain’t have sh** before ‘Bottoms Up,” he addressed.

Aside from her previous “Massive Attack” single with Sean Garrett and her praiseworthy verse on Kanye West’s “Monster,” Trigga felt that it was actually “Bottoms Up” that helped mount her success, not the other way around.

“All before that, it was looks, you’re hanging with Wayne, you know — you was the wild girl with the wild hair,” he said.  “I love you, Nicki, I love you. You came at me wrong, you disrespected me. But I love you.”

Refusing to disrespect or “talk crazy” about her, he continued to commemorate his history with Nicki and their success side by side. On the other hand, he added, he does feel she sort of “jumped the gun.”

Says he won’t disrespect or talk crazy about her. Says they have history and have done amazing things together, but he felt she jumped the gun. Particularly, he felt her aggression should have been aimed at the false messenger of it all — not him.

 “You ain’t say nothing to Remy,” he said.” It still took you a week to say something to Remy.”

Trigga also discussed his brotherly relationship with Drake, stemming from Drizzy’s early post-Degrassi days, and the arrival of Tremaine, which dropped on Friday (March 24).

Check out all that he had to say in the video below. 

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photos from Left: David Livingston/Getty Images, Julien Hekimian/Getty Images)


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