Video Footage Surfaces of Chris Brown Allegedly Punching a Photographer

INGLEWOOD, CA - NOVEMBER 05:  Singer Chris Brown performs onstage during the 92.3 Real Show at The Forum on November 5, 2016 in Inglewood, California.  (Photo by Scott Dudelson/FilmMagic,)

Video Footage Surfaces of Chris Brown Allegedly Punching a Photographer

The alleged victim has also come forth with a statement.

Published April 18, 2017

These days, there’s never a dull moment when it comes to R&B’s crooning heartthrob Chris Brown, especially while in his Hollywood element during concerts and club appearances.

However, his latest moment was one of unfortunate controversy after reports and a video surfaced of the Royalty singer jabbing a photographer in the face at a Tampa club venue. 

TMZ has reported that Breezy’s frustration with Bennie Vines, the club’s in-house photographer, snapping pictures of him ultimately led to the incident early Monday morning (April 17). The club’s management reportedly said that Brown and his crew arrived around 1:30 a.m., after Vines had been flicking photos, and requested that no pictures be taken of him. TMZ adds that afterward, Breezy made his way into the DJ booth where the photographer had been snapping photos of the crowd from behind him. Consequently, Vines said that Breezy jumped over a couch and socked him in the face, presumably under the pretense that Brown thought he was taking pictures of him after specifically being asked not to.

TMZ also reports that law enforcement was contacted following the incident, but Breezy had fled the scene before they arrived. Video footage captured from a distance, on the other hand, shows a cloudy view of the reported punch where Brown is in a red shirt facing a dark corner. After the punch, he returns back to the crowd. Vines also reportedly left to go to the hospital, suffering a split lip and sore jaw. Reporting to TMZ that he does plan to press charges for the beat down, Vines has filed an official police report as a battery charge investigation is underway.

In another video where Vines explains the situation in detail, he adds that he was unable to attend work the next day because of his injuries as well.

“I’ve spoken to two lawyers already,” he says in the video. “They said that [it’s] a pretty good case because I didn’t do anything wrong. I was just doing my job.”

See the club footage of Brown’s alleged punch and Vines’s explanation in the videos below.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Scott Dudelson/FilmMagic)


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