Twitter Is Having a Field Day With Joe Budden After He Went Off on Lil Yachty

(Photo: Adam Weebay via Twitter)

Twitter Is Having a Field Day With Joe Budden After He Went Off on Lil Yachty

A literal everyday struggle for Uncle Joe.

Published May 3, 2017

If there’s anyone who despises the “mumble rap” generation’s cold shoulder to hip-hop ancestry, it would definitely be New Jersey rap vet Joe Budden, who is also the co-host of Complex’s new Everyday Struggle series.  

So when 19-year-old Teenage Emotions rap star Lil Yachty, beaded red plaits and all, sat down with the “Pump It Up” rapper to discuss the fruits of his rap career and hip-hop positivity, Joe’s heated reaction has got Twitter on a hilarious cloud nine.  

Not even a whole five minutes into the discussion, Joe begins boiling with frustration and confusion when Yachty calls himself an outcast, the label that inspired his upcoming debut album’s cover photo. When Joe questions him on his personal feelings about being the odd ball out compared to his rap peers, Yachty’s reply is simple, but apparently not sufficient enough for Joe.

“I am happy every day,” Lil Boat responds. “I’m happy every day because life is moving in such a positive way — I can’t get slowed down.”

This response leads Joe to believe that Yachty’s been “media-trained,” and goes on to explain that it’s impossible to always be happy, especially as a tenderfoot in the cutthroat music business. Despite Yachty’s answer being deemed “bulls**t” from Joe, the “1 Night” rapper questions that if you come from a rags to riches situation, “rags” as in a college student with no money, no play with the ladies, no car and has resorted to scamming credit cards, “how can you be upset?” Yachty later suggests that Joe backpedaled his statements when he acknowledged that the younger rap generation has grabbed the reigns on the current era of hip-hop, causing Joe to flip his top.

But when the two continued the conversation and the tension, Joe becomes livid when Yachty expresses that he didn’t know whether he signed a 360 record deal or not and that he’s just having fun for now.

“Be aware of your business!,” Joe shouts while becoming visibly red with anger. “I want you to know whether you’re in a 360 deal or not, I want you to appreciate the culture that changed your life and took you from college dorm rooms eating f**king Oodles and Noodles, I want you, who is well-spoken and articulates himself well…,” Joe concludes.

Yachty’s reply? Certainly one you’d expect from an artist of the millennial rap generation: “My n***a, chill.”

And it looks like the internet has shared the same sentiments as Lil Boat.

Peep their reaction to the heated lecture from Uncle Joe below. 

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Adam Weebay via Twitter)


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