Did Kanye West Try to Tell Us About Jay-Z's Infidelity in 2013?

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Did Kanye West Try to Tell Us About Jay-Z's Infidelity in 2013?

Say it ain't so, Ye.

Published July 12, 2017

It's been nearly two weeks since Jay-Z released his 13th studio album, 4:44, and while there have been many other striking aspects to the body of work ― including bridging the generational wage gap and supporting Black businesses ― infidelity has remained a topic of discussion.

The man who claimed to have a "heart as cold as an assassin" strayed from his marriage. The guy who once rapped about never splitting his dividends broke his vows. But, could we have been forewarned about Hov's wandering eye all along by none other than his protégé Kanye West? The internet surely seems to think so.

On Wednesday (July 12), Twitter users shared their belief that Ye alluded to his big brother's infidelities on his sixth studio album Yeezus. The 2013 track in question, "Blood on the Leaves," is a melodic tale of lost love backed by Nina Simone's cover of "Strange Fruit," and the track seems to have given some alarming insight into the royal couple's relationship.

Within the fourth verse, Yeezy casts light on the tempting byproducts of fame as he spits the lyrics: "Trying to get a baby, now you talkin' crazy / I don't give a damn if you used to talk to Jay Z." The stanza was assumed by many fans to simply be a message to "gold diggers" and others alike to tread lightly when it came to the Throne.

But, after a closer look into the verse, Kanye allegedly expands upon the idea of Jay being unfaithful to Bey. "Now you sittin' courtside, wifey on the other side / Gotta keep 'em separated, I call that apartheid" he rhymes whimsically. It's almost as if he is describing the "Crazy in Love" couple, who are notorious for their courtside date nights.

Taking it a step further, Ye continues to rhyme: "Then she said she impregnated, that's the night your heart died / Then you gotta go and tell your girl and report that." Could this "unholy matrimony" be the one that pegged Jay-Z's conscious? Some fans can't be convinced otherwise.

Was Kanye attempting to pull the trigger nearly four years prior to Jay-Z's soul baring confession on 4:44? See the speculation in the Twitter streets and sound off below.

Written by Kai Miller

(Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images For BET)


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