People Are Still Reacting To XXXTentacion Hanging A White Child In His 'Look At Me' Video

People Are Still Reacting To XXXTentacion Hanging A White Child In His 'Look At Me' Video

It's truly disturbing.

Published September 13, 2017

XXXTentacion has been the center of much debate in the past month due to the allegations against him of domestic and sexual abuse from his pregnant girlfriend. And not helping his case one bit, the 19-year-old rapper has released a number of videos that have only added to his negative image and possibly implicate him as a predator. His music video for the charting single “Look At Me” in particular has caught the attention of fans and critics alike for its disturbing and graphic visuals.

The five-minute video sets the scene in a classroom with XXX rapping while crouching over a desk. After inciting a riot in the classroom, the video appears to transition to striking images of Black men being hung from trees. As the images flash on the screen, names of Black men who lost their lives to police brutality, including Philando Castile, are listed as the single “Riot” plays in the background. The video takes an even more disturbing turn as XXX is seen wrapping a noose around a young, white boy before hanging him.

While many people acknowledged the socially conscious imagery, many Twitter users had mixed feelings about the rapper’s approach to addressing Black Lives Matter and other social movements. “The look at me video has me lost for words,” one person tweeted. Other’s pointed out the harshness of hanging a white child. “X’s look at me video crazyyyy. Dude hung a 6-year-old,” another person wrote.

Shockingly, the reactions weren’t all bad. Some fans praised XXX for taking it there. Others suggested the video brought up a very important conversation considering the current social climate.

Even so, the video couldn’t have been released at a more inconvenient and awful time. New court documents pertaining to XXX’s legal case claim the rapper physically and verbally abused his pregnant girlfriend. He allegedly beat her and threatened to kill her several times while they were living together. XXX may have been trying to be provocative with his visuals to touch on an important topic, but in the end, the new video most likely turned more people the wrong way.

Written by BET Staff

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