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Meet Victory: The Budding Soul And Folk Singer Signed To Roc Nation

Meet Victory: The Budding Soul And Folk Singer Signed To Roc Nation

The singer spoke to BET about the legacy of Roc Nation, Grammys prediction, and her unique career path at the Toyota Music Showcase.

Published January 29, 2018

If you haven’t heard the name Victory before, you better ask someone about her. The singer-songwriter best known for her folk- and gospel-inspired vocals is a rising star from Roc Nation and, just as her name implies, a winner in the making.

The singer initially turned heads at the annual Tidal benefit concert at New York’s Barclay’s Center last year. Since then, she has been perfecting her craft and live performance. Victory previously dropped her debut solo EP, It’s a New Dawn, and is reportedly working on her first studio album, due sometime this year.

Victory was the musical guest at the Toyota Music dinner and showcase, a beautiful dinner party that hosted some media influencers and celebrity guests. The singer stunned guests with her authentic talent and charm. She later spoke to BET about the legacy of Roc Nation, Grammys predictions and her unique career path.


You’re commonly categorized as a folk and soul singer, but there’s also a tinge of gospel in there. Are you a spiritual person, and if so, how do you feel that guides or influences your artistry?

Oh definitely. It’s behind everything I do. My relationship with Jesus and God, that’s behind who I am as a brand and person. I think that there are so many places that I take ideas from that it would be ridiculous for me to say jazz, folk, gospel, pop. But I think that a good definition would be a blend of jazz and folk. I studied jazz guitar.

I first saw you at Tidal and your performance was beautiful. You seem really grounded in your live performances. Is that a main focus?

Most of my career, I’ve focused on performing live even if it’s in unconventional settings. It wasn’t like grand stages like Barclay’s Center. This year I’m trying to refine my live performance to a point where I can go down in history as a great live performer.

Since this is a Grammys dinner, but a lot of people are pitting Jay-Z, your label head, and Kendrick Lamar against each other in the rap categories. Who are you gunning for?

Oh man, Rapsody (laughs). We’re on the same label, but we’re there at Roc Nation. Jay-Z is not hanging out with us on the just signed level. Rapsody is in there.

What is the legacy of Roc Nation?

Well, it’s still being defined. It’s always evolving. But I feel like everyone is working very hard to become something excellent, whether it’s the staff or artists, everyone is always working very hard. It’s a passion. That’s the theme, passion and greatness. [Roc Nation’s] slogan is “greatness is a process.” Everyone is about that process.

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Written by Jessica McKinney

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